Monday, September 08, 2008

A New Chapter

Introducing... SCHOOL BOY!!!

With his new mini-backpack, lunch box and a slightly bewildered look on his face as he walks out the door to wait for a school bus for the very first time! Let me tell you - we had to look high and low for a small back pack that wasn't plastered with comic characters that he doesn't even watch anyway. The Children's Place didn't let us down.

To start Kindergarten - the school sent home a little shopping list... Let's see what I can remember off the top of my head... very brand specific!!! 2 packs Crayola Washable Markers, 2 packs Croyola 24 pack crayons, 2 jumbo Elmer's glue sticks, 2 black dry erase markers, 3 Hilroy Scribblers, 12(?) Duotangs (those colorful paper folders with pockets), 2 white art erasers, 1 package of Dixon pencils, 1 box big ziplock bags, 1 box Kleenex, 1 foam squirting hand soap - unscented, 1 pair of sneakers - never worn outside for gym... I am pretty sure that there were other things on that list but seeing we did our shopping over a month ago, I can't remember! Now, I am not complaining - they certainly sent the list home early enough that I could get myself to the store to shop (keeping in mind that the nearest Wal-Mart is 3 hours away). And I have just 1 child. But do realize that about 10% of my local population uses the food bank in the winter... It would have been nice had they given me a bit of notice about needing a sweatsuit for gym... seeing that I MAKE all his pants and don't have any jersey on hand. He is so thin that it is really a complete waste of time to even go to the stores, find pants, get him to the dressing room, undress him, try the pants on and then find out they fall straight to his knees. If he really loves them than there is either great sadness or Momma has to buy them and then take off the waistband to shorten it and then take darts in on the sides. Nope - 100X easier just to make them and avoid that entire situation!!! Anyway! I sent him with a pair of shorts today and added jersey to my shopping list for next time I go shopping.
SCHOOL BOY really was a LITTLE BOY when I first started blogging... w-a-y back in November of 2005. How time flys. But now, without a doubt - he is School Boy (SB for short) - a name I am pretty confident I can be "safe" with for awhile now - seeing he has just started Kindergarten. Here's a photo from right around the time I started blogging...

It has been a super great time, bringing up this Little Boy, all day, every day. But - the last year, well as much as he really, truly does LOVE Momma, well - it is time for him to explore a little further from the nest. And I am really hoping he likes Kindergarten - it is a mixed grade - K-2. So, it is a NEW CHAPTER for both of us! Whatever will I do with all my new "free" time???


Guess I could always sew? This is what my blue quilt is looking like with 2 segments laid side by side. Oh, I am SURE I will find something to do, including catching up on oodles of paperwork. But it is more fun to think about sewing right? It is a long day though - he leaves at 8:30 and doesn't get home until 2:30. About 2:10 I am looking out the window for the bus - ready for him to come and tell me about his day.


Fiona said...

Wow, time certainly does fly! Having just sent my 'little' boy off to senior school it doesn't seem a minute since he was a baby, and it doesn't seem a minute since I first started reading your blog and now look at LB!

P.S. The hunt for trousers that won't fall down doesn't get any better even when they're older

Joyce said...

Congratulations on having a school boy in the family. Soon my youngest grandchild will be doing the same thing. They start in Feb in Australia. Time really does fly.

JudyL said...

We all have watched him growing up. He's such a doll and he definitely has a bewildered look on his face. I surely hope he enjoys Kindergarten. It will be no time at all til you're sitting at his high school graduation wondering how the days passed so quickly!

Pat said...

What a brave Momma you are to send LB off to be SB! Hope he had a fun day at school :)

JJ said...

I can't believe how much he's grown since I've been reading your blog. I hope his school days are filled with fun and laughter and that you have plenty of time to quilt.
Hugs JJ

Jeanne said...

Congratulations -- what a wonderful milestone! I've enjoyed watching him grow from a toddler to a Big Boy. How fast the time passes ...
Jeanne :)

Susan said...

Can he really be old enough for kindergarten???? No way! LOL! He looks so great - glad you took the photo to share.

I can't believe the list of supplies! Wow. The school doesn't supply anything, it looks like - paper, maybe!

A multi-age class can be the greatest thing for a bright child. I look forward to hearing how he likes school.

Sue R said...

Amazing how much stuff a little kid needs to start school. My kids always had a list a mile long too. And they used it all too! It'll be a whole new world for you both.