Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bits & Pieces

First up - our group quilt is coming along nicely! My contribution this week were 8 long legged triangle blocks. Sometimes it seems like you are working on boring little pieces, but once things start coming together - you say wow! Take a look at the close-up of the lighthouse center that 2 very talented members have been working on/creating as they go!!! That lighthouse is a piece of paper right now - just to give us an idea. When it comes to quilting - I just don't have this kind of vision so I am very happy to work on the traditional blocks! I think the combination of traditional/modern is very stunning here! I should note that this pattern is from a magazine - and I will get the exact source next time I post about the quilt. The central medallion and the borders will be our groups design.

The above quilt is not mine, it is W's from quilt group - on the frame. Both sides roll so eventually both sides will be sitting very close together as we keep rolling the quilt. I didn't really feel like working on much today for quilt group so just planned to sit at the frame and quilt. Sometimes it is nice to just quilt and visit. In the background you can see a 2nd set of frame legs - the guys around here are good at making frames! It is very rare for a quilt to be machine quilted in this community.
For quilt group I like to pack my little pencil case - I think I got it at Staple's. It is perfect for small sewing supplies and rotary cutter. Next time I go to Michael's I am going to get some letter beads and make myself some little name tags. I like to keep my sharp pointed scissors and rotary cutter in the case so they don't accidentally cut something in my sewing tote. I have my own quilting needles - I like those EZ gold eyes... and my thimbles I've had forever. I really recommend a little case like this for the small sewing supplies that tend to get lost in bigger bags/totes. Oh, and that white thing is my spool holder on my machine - it always falls off when I move my machine and I don't want to lose it - so I just pop it in this little case.

My own sewing projects were few this week, but slow progress is steady progress anyway. I made 3 crazy patch blocks which I need to lengthen my Crazy Patch Stars quilt. The center of the top is done and seems a bit short, so another row is in the works - just waiting on these 3 blocks to turn into stars. I also made 3 more blocks to add to my collection of Happy Jacks blocks I've been working on. I've had some help in finding the name of these blocks... Mary calls them Double X and others have said Jacks over 9. Bonnie & Tonya were having a Fungly challenge and this block was used for that too. I like the name Happy Jacks, so will go with that. In anycase, I got 3 more blocks made so that brings me up to 24 blocks total at 9" each.

Not too much sewing this week because in "my" extra time - I've been having lots of fun with SB. Sometimes at the library I will pick up a magazine and it will be full of articles about "making time for Mom". While I do believe in balance, I don't really like the "me, me, me" attitude so many of these articles have. Let me just take a moment here to remind you - if you have a small child at home - it goes by all too fast. Fast. Fast, fast, fast. Right now I am SB's hero and if I take just 15 minutes out of my schedule here and there to play - it makes his day. Really. OK, so sometimes it is much longer than 15 minutes, but gosh, I have fun too. And all too soon he will be a teenager and things will change. OK, so he is still only 5 1/2, but I know the day will come. For now, I will take the time to be his hero! And in return I am rewarded with an endless supply of cuddles.
We were having so much fun on Tuesday night playing cars that I totally forgot to go to the exercise class I was planning on going to. Oops! Good thing I got lots and lots of exercise on Saturday hoofing up and down the sliding hill!
I've spent hours this week reading SB library books. The beginning of the year at kindergarten they really focused on letters and their sounds. Since Christmas break was over - they have been concentrating on connecting it all up together - and reading. Every day he comes home with a very simple mini book to read. Today I could see it start to really click as he excitedly sounded out some words and realized - yes, he can read!!! Thursday is kind-ov our down night as he really likes to turn his homework in on Thursday even though it isn't due until Friday. Fine by me! He had to work a bit extra this week to accomplish that since he had an ice day on Monday. But it is done and tonight he is playing in the other room with DH - with trains, which is where I am headed as soon as I hit Publish Post.
And a special treat for my boy today - last night I mixed up a batch of gingerbread men dough and baked the cookies while he was in school today. He just loves these cookies (and so do I)! They are already 1/2 gone and I didn't even get around to frosting them yet! Cookies aren't just for Christmas you know!


Doodlebug Gail said...

That's a gorgeous quilt! Wow, how effective is that design! I totally understand about the "me" time and how many magazines/books there are about it. You have the right idea .... play and be with him now .... it changes far too quickly and way too soon. (((HUGS)))

Brenda said...

I really enjoy you talk about your relationship with SB. You are so right, the time does go by so fast - and then they are talking about univeristy and moving out (from my 14 yr old.....) When I read what you are doing/have done it makes my heart glad. You are creating great memories and wounderful moments in his life. It's a great foudation you are making for him.
The 'me' time, comes when he's asleep. I wish I had played more with my girls - even though I had one mom tell me that I was always doing stuff with my kids, more than she did.....

Yes, that quilt you are working on is beautiful. Love the lighthouse. And having your smaller supplies in their own case is an excellant idea. I do the same thing.
Have a great weekend!! I love that SB gets his homework in early!!! I hope that that habit sticks with him, and he's starting to get the skill of reading down!! excellant!!! that is always fun!!!! Great times ahead for that kid!! He has no idea where a great book and a hot summers day can take him..... oh the adventures he'll go on!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Play with SB while you can, they grow so fast but remember that you did!