Monday, January 26, 2009

A Quilt's Story

I was looking through my photos tonight and came across these 2 of my Octagon Flowers. If you just saw these 2 photos, that would be the end of the story.

But you know... there is a story behind every quilt. And this quilt has a heart-warming story.

Was it really that long ago that "we" made this quilt? I knew he was growing up fast, but gosh, he really IS growing up fast! Just think - if he ever becomes a famous quilter - he will have these photos to document how early he got started at quilting... which is good because no-one would believe that he was pinning borders on when he was 3 if there wasn't a photo, right? And yup, he did that border all by himself - there is a piece of cardboard under the fabric so the pins don't go through the carpet in case you are wondering.
I REALLY need to get labels onto my quilts. Really, really.
It has been a really cold week... I really needed a heart-warming story! Brrr. My brother told me to cheer up - he heard it is supposed to warm up... in April. Always the jokster that brother of mine!


barncow said...

My grandson helped me cut a quilt out when he was three. He some how got my cutter open enough that it cut the fabric when he run it over it. They sure are cute when they are little. Mine is eight and a half now.

Amy said...

it is nice to see the pictures of son pinning the borders, I have one daughter who always ask if I have seams to RIP OUT.. she also makes fabric origami flowers, but no actual sewing.thanks for sharing he sure is handsome

Shirley said...

I've been meaning to make that quilt ever since you first posted a picture. I did buy the ruler its On my to do list.
LB sure is growing up fast. I think I've been following your blog for three years now. Shirley