Friday, January 16, 2009

A group quilt

My quilt group is making a quilt for charity. The top is a photo of some of the pieces on our little design board. Here is a photo of the 9 patches (6.5") I contributed this week - I did 4 the week before and this week I brought home fabric to make 8 blocks - long legged triangle blocks.

I am rather liking triangles these days and have sewn all these HST's together since last week.

On my living room floor - Lego cities are springing up. Here is SB's lighthouse/docking station/helicopter launch pad.

Sewing and Lego's - a perfect combination for cold weather.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Lego's were always tops in our house! My 22 yr old still gets lego's for a joke every year for xmas!

Brenda said...

I really like your quilt!! the triangles really make them come together nicely - And since blue is my favorite colour, I love the colour!! ;-)

And it wasn't until I was an adult that I found out 'Lego' was considered a 'boys' toy! Like "What!!!???!!" Being in a house of all girls (4) we had Lego forever and always played with it!! It's still one of my favorite toys to give as a gift! So, let him build!! Some nights my dad would take our lego, while we were in bed sleeping, and by the moring, we would have a castle sitting on our table!! Lego is the perfect toy for eveyone!!

Amy said...

LEGOS!! cool, cool, keeps him busy and out of trouble.. yes they hurt if ya step on some. the quilt looks good so far.. please share the finished.