Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland?

Last week it was pretty constantly below 0 - which means no recess for the kids at school. Well, Saturday it finally warmed up to be tolerable to be outside - and the kids had a great time sliding. Believe me, it was good for everyone to get outside and have a bit of fresh air! The snow is hard and icy though - SB is hoping for much better snow for sliding before the winter is over.

After sliding SB and I stopped by to check out the new community skating rink (still under construction, but it was open on Saturday for a free skate anyway). There seems to be a big question as to whether or not they will be able to make ice when it is warmer - but with cold weather, open doors and fans blowing - the ice was there this past weekend anyway.
We have had plenty of our own "natural" skating rinks in the parking lots, etc. around here too. School was closed yesterday due to ice.

Last week was a busy travel week for me, I was away 2 days. One day I ate at this cute Mexican restaurant - doesn't it look festive and cheery in our cold weather?
One day that I was home it was so cold that the ocean was steaming and everything was frozen. Really cold, but beautiful too - so I grabbed my camera, made sure the battery was well charged (the cold quickly diminishes battery life) and headed out to take some shots. I was pretty disappointed when I got home to realize that I didn't have my chip in the camera - so no photos. Ah well, next time then.

One night I was cutting buttons off a very OLD shirt of DH's. School Boy wanted to know what I was going to make with those buttons, so I made this owl for him. It was from a pattern I found on a Japanese craft site on the internet - and I enlarged it 200% (the original was tiny!). I had to add feet, wings and a tail to get it to SB's liking! The eye background is made out of fleece - I traced a nickle to create the pattern. The owl is still on the small side - just about the size of my palm. He is made with left over corduroy and fleece from making SB's pants.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

the owl is really cute, but you can keep the ice!