Sunday, May 09, 2010

He Has New Wheels

For the kids around here, a "Rollie" is a favorite mode of transportation, even more so than a bicycle, especially for the daily commute to school.  We are only a 20 minute walk away, but one of his friends is 40.  Just TRY telling a kid from the US to walk 40 minutes to school - I don't think it would go over really well!  One thing about having to walk to school though - the kids never have a snow day due to road conditions!
He was rollerblading to school sometimes, but the Rollie is just so easy to hop on and go!  Except that means I have to walk 2X as fast to try to keep up with him.  Phew!  I wonder if they make a Momma sized Rollie, LOL.
Anyway he tried out a friend's Rollie at the park one day and loved it (until he fell on his knees).  When he tried it out - he was wearing a helmet because the kids had traded Rollerblades/Rollie.  When we got him his own Rollie, we went to the park so he could practice and he wore knee pads.  Wobble, wobble, wobble - it takes a bit of getting used to.  And a helmet - but in this photo he was trying to get away with not wearing it.  Busted!  It wasn't long before he was ready to handle the busy sidewalks...

Fortunately, his friend has to wear a helmet too.  For awhile there I was a mean Momma for making him wear one - NO ONE else wears one to Rollie - biking yes, roller blading, yes - but not Rollie.  Well, then he had a gigantic crash, landed on his head, scratched his helmet, had a headache... he thinks the helmet is good to wear now. 
Isn't it nice that as modern parents - the helmet we have to worry about is a bike helmet - not a helmet for battle.

Here he is in front of a display of children's armor - if you lower the display downward so the waist level matches his - you can see that these kids were about the same size as my son.  I imagine these helmets were way more uncomfortable than the cushy padded bike helmets of today too.  Whatever are our kids complaining about anyway?  Personally, I think there is no excuse not to be wearing a helmet.  That goes for children AND adults - we have to set the good example and protect our noggins too!


Laurie said...

love this post evelyn! LB is growing up!!!

Lindah said...

He is getting so tall! And doesn't he look sporty on his Rollie.

Oh, perish the thought that our young children should ever need helmets other than sports helmets.

Good to get an update. Sounds like all is well.