Friday, May 21, 2010

Homework Blocks

Well, I went ahead and made more blocks to equal 15 and it looked a bit long and skinny.  So, I kept going and now there are 20 sampler blocks.  I suppose I could make more, but really - that red plaid is down to the very last dregs.  Once the sashing/borders are added, I am sure it will be just the right size!  This is as far as this project can go until I get back to where I left my 12.5" ruler to square up all the blocks before adding the sashing. 
The red and green fabrics and a few of the other snips of fabric?  Scraps from my bars quilt which I made in 2006!  Plus I used 2 fabrics my sister sent to me this winter - I just love putting bits and pieces, adding memories to each quilt.  That is why I love scrap quilts so much!
Most of my quilt in progress photos are taken on the floor and you get that angle when taking photos.  Well, today I took a photo of each individual block and created a Picasa collage - I think it came out pretty good... other than the fact that I cut off some of my points in the photos!

I tried to do some plainer blocks, but it wasn't long before I went right back to a zillion triangles or small pieces.  And stars are just my favorite.  But still, there seems to be a good amount of variety in these blocks so I am happy.
I usually sketch out the block/cutting measurements/colors I want to use on a scrap of paper or in a little notebook and bring that over to my cutting mat when cutting fabrics.

And with triangles - well, sometimes you get those "bonus" triangles.  I sew those too... can't seem to help myself.  The little blocks my son usually takes for quilts for his Lego men!  Eventually these bits and pieces will find their way into a quilt of their own!

It occured to me last night - my son has about 1 hour of homework per night.  While he does homework I have been sewing - on call for help if needed.  Seeing that he is in first grade... if I sew 1 hour every day he has homework - I sure would have a pile of quilts by the time he graduates!  So, I named this post Homework Blocks!  It is something to think about anyway.
Of course, we are as busy as usual and there are a thousand and one things that I could blog about but like everyone else - I only have so many hours in the day and my computer time is up!

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Not Lucy said...

You answered my question from my blog about triangles here on your blog. I am guessing it wasn't on purpose but an answer just the same.

I too like making scrappy quilts best. You just never know exactly how they will look when they are finished but they usually turn out really well - especially if you don't over think them.