Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slowly Making Blocks

I started making this set of blocks earlier in the winter and ended up tucking them away in the closet for another day.  I haven't felt like sewing much this winter... call it the aftershock of my husband having cancer, but once he came home from the hospital - sewing got pushed to the wayside.  Oh sure, I've made some clothes, my Disapearing Nine Patch in Feb., am teaching my friend to sew... but truthfully, I haven't had much interest.  It has taken me awhile to pinpoint exactly why I haven't been sewing much lately, but really, I do think that my husband being so ill is the cause.  Thankfully he is fine now, so it is time for me to pull it together and get back on daily talking terms with Mabel (she is my sewing machine).
I started these blocks... probably in January.  I think January because right around the new year I joined the Friday Block Party ( and did a few blocks.  Every Friday a new block is posted, you make the block, post a photo of it and share what you liked/didn't like about it.  It is actually a fun way to make a sampler because you don't end up spending hours agonizing about which block of the many 1000s of quilt blocks out there you want to make next.  Not all weeks have 12" blocks - there is variety in sizes so at this point I think I will just pick and choose the blocks I am going to make.  Some I made from the Friday group and others I just picked out to make... got up to 6 blocks and stopped.
Well, this week I managed to make another 3 blocks from the Friday group and have a 4th one cut out.  I am aiming for 15 blocks for this particular quilt so 6 more are needed.  Sampler quilts are slow going - you can't just go cutting out an entire quilt in one session and then sit at your machine and chain piece away... but I am enjoying it.  The successful completion of each individual block seems like a big accomplishment (sewing wise) to me these days.  It is raining here today so no chance of going to the park - maybe I will get that other block I have all cut out done today... my son is happily occupied with his Legos so I guess I better get to it!
One of my favorite blocks so far - a variation of Joseph's Delight, but really, I like them all.


bingo~bonnie said...

oh wow Starfishy.. I didn't know about your husband. That would knock out any interest in my quilting also. I'm happy to hear that he is on the road to recovery now.

We just never know what the road ahead holds for us - that's why we should take the time to appreciate and show the ones we care for that we love them.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Jeanne said...

Some of the seasons of our lives are just so tough! Glad you're beginning to feel a little perkier. Keeping you in my thoughts ~ Jeanne