Sunday, October 24, 2010

Knitting Some Socks

Can't get this photo to rotate, but here is a photo of some socks I've made up.  The stripped ones are from my very favorite pattern - Briggs Little Fine Socks - they are ribbed right down to the tip of the toe so do take some time to make up.  Also - this pattern has a "reinforced" heel that wears extremely well.  But - they have a pointy toe, which is fine for toddler's, but not bigger feet.  I have some waiting time tomorrow for appointments so I will unpick the toes, pull them back to 10 stitches and graft them together.  I am not even sure when I made these - I found them in the bottom of my knitting basket the other day when I was rummaging around for something.  
The 2nd pair - well, I don't really have a pattern.  Cast on 52, k2, p2 for 2"", knit around for 6", blah, blah, blah.  But obviously, I forgot the blah, blah, blah part because the toes are a bit different from each other (1 still needs to be grafted).  I made the 1st sock in Austria this spring and the 2nd sock over the past 3 days - it went fast once I actually sat down and finished it - I have a big incentive because I need my needles for another project.
I always make socks for my son, but never for myself.  But tomorrow I am starting a pair for myself, I am so excited.  My friend's Mom showed me her knee socks and it is a pattern I have never seen before.  When I asked about the pattern - well - they had never seen it written down before but have been making this type of sock for years (my friend has a drawer full and is lending me a pair of hers to use to look at for the pattern).  
It has been busy around here - I have tons of things going on believe me, and hopefully soon I will get a chance to blog about some of them, but for right now I am right out straight.  I had to put all my sewing away - no time for a sewing mess right now (that is a good thing about knitting socks - small, mess free and portable).  I had hoped to make many Christmas gifts this year, but I think that my pre-sewing Christmas time has come to an end so I will have to call this year good.  At least I did get a few cute things made up.


Mary said...

I'm still pretty new to sock knitting and am basically a beginning knitter anyway so I mostly work from patterns although I have figured out how to take a pattern I like and insert another leg if I could just figure out where I put my book with knitting patterns I could find something pretty for my next pair.

I thing I like about knitting two at a time is I don't ever have to worry about them matching.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love the pretty socks you're working on. Knitting has always appeared as a glorious mystery to me. I am in complete awe of those who can knit.

paula, the quilter said...

You have my curiosity stirred. Are you going to show a picture of the knee socks? Love those pink socks. I do a needle graft because I find it easier than carrying around a tapestry needle to Kitchener.