Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Refooting a Sock

Here are 2 socks that my friend's Mom knit for her - she wore out the foot on the left sock so her Mom "refooted" the sock - as you can see - she didn't have enough of any 1 color to refoot so she made do with what she did have.  That is the way it is where I live - nothing is wasted.  Do you refoot your socks?  You just cut off the bottom part leaving extra room to pull back the yarn so you can pick up the stitches and refoot.  
Most everyone around here knits socks, mittens, etc. and you know knitters when we get together - love to show our current project to each other.  Well, her Mom showed me the current sock she was knitting in this pattern and I really wanted to try the pattern.  Except... well her Mom has been knitting this pattern ever since she was a little girl but there is no written pattern - my friend and her Mom just knit from memory.  Have any of you ever seen this type of pattern?
Yesterday my friend and I were traveling together and she brought these 2 socks and some notebook paper so we could write down the patterns.  She would look at the sock and then write down what to do.  And not only that - she is lending me these 2 socks to refer to if I get stuck - she has an entire drawer full of them since both she and her Mom knit them.  And then Mom refoots them when the foot part gets worn out.  Yup, I would say she has a drawer full.  So, these 2 lovely socks are mine for the winter - she probably knew what she was doing when she didn't give me a matching pair, LOL!  That red pair is knit out of the most wonderful, softest wool ever - I think they would be on my feet constantly if I had 2 of them.  Oh right - I will have 2 of them once I knit up my own pair!
You can just see the corner of my friends sweater sleeve - she knit that sweater over 14 years ago and it looks brand new to me.  Last time we were together my friend grafted my sock ends, well yesterday she taught me how to do it and we fixed my son's socks that I showed last post with pointy toes!  Plus she had some hunter mitts (fingerless gloves with a pull over mitt) that she let me graft as well so the method would stick in my head.  For some strange reason I think that the order of grafting a sock is similar to hooking up jumper cables to a car.  Well, whatever works to help you remember, I suppose.
This week was the end of bow season and the start of gun season for deer.  You allowed 1 deer for each weapon.  My friend's husband was lucky enough to get 1 on the last day of bow and then 1 on the 1st day of gun.  I forget what the doe weighed, but the buck is 80lbs.    If you disagree with hunting, consider this - if people around here are thrifty enough to take the time to refoot a sock, well then, you better believe they are happy when they have  2 deer in the freezer before deer season is over.  Bow season here was very poor this year and I know that the people who did not get a deer during bow are very anxious to at least get a deer during gun.  I know lots of places don't let you put out apples for deer, but here you can and even with the apples out the bow season was 75% less than last year.  I am hoping that all my friends get their deer this fall.

Sometimes I think we live in a society that is all too eager to throw something out and buy new rather than fixing a small part that is broken.  It is nice to live where I do, with people that appreciate the value in the small things in life and are happy to take the time to teach you how to do it too if you are interested.


Lindah said...

Re-footing a sock! How interesting. I have a favorite pair of socks that I have worn for 2 years with holes in the heel bottoms. Just this morning I wondered to myself whether new heels could be knitted on. I wouldn't care about color. I don't even know how to knit, but maybe I could learn enough to add new heels. Not the easiest part of the sock to knit from what I have read. I'll think about it. Anyway, I thought the timing of your post was most interesting. :-)

paula, the quilter said...

I have too many socks to wear out at the moment. *smile* The colorwork pattern looks like a slip stitch, is it?

Lori said...

no sock knitters here. But I love wearing wool socks, and I seldom wear them out. Yes, I can wear socks for years and years--no holes.

Deer--I think of them as wild cows---meant to go in the freezer!

Susan said...

Hunting them keeps them from starving and over-populating, and feeds people, so no, I have no problem with it. I prefer moose to deer, though.