Friday, October 08, 2010

I Like My Bird Feeders

I like my birdfeeders.  Every spring and fall I hang them out (plenty of berries for the birds in the summer, but after and before their long migrations - I like to treat them to sun flower seeds.  And, as you can see - they enjoy it!  This round feeder is fun.  It is interesting that when the food runs down too low for the top feeder to reach the food anymore - the purple finches will feed each other - the finch on the bottom will get out a seed and feed it to the finch on the top.  It is almost like they are kissing and one of these days I hope to get a good photo of it... but they are so fast!
 I only have 2 feeders, but they attract 100s of birds a few times a day.  Literally.  Because we are along a major bird migration route.  I can sit right outside on the bench and they are so close to me.  Goldfinch, purple finch, chickadee, nuthatch (ah, but he is a fast little bird and I haven't been able to get a photo of him yet)... then along come the big blue jays and scare all the little birds away.  They take turns though.

 I have busy days, but I always have a few minutes every day to sit outside and watch the birds.  I feed the birds on 1 porch and the stray cats on another.  But the funny thing is - the crows love to steal the cat food.  They hop closer and closer to it and look at you out of their "side eyes" - almost saying - they are invisible and you can't see them!  They crack me up!  It is a small price to pay for daily enjoyment and entertainment.  It is a stressful world that we live in - it is good to find happiness in some simple things!

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Lori said...

in your previous post life sounded pretty busy! Bird feeders--where I volunteer we have lots of birds, and the bird feeders are busy. But where I live--flat prairie--hardly any of those fun birds. My finch feeder has abandonment issues! I have the same feeder at my camper, and it is swamped. Seems to be lots of Eastern Warblers right now. There are huge 3 story glass windows on the Visitor Center, and the juvenile ones "thunk" into them all day.