Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sewing Fleece Hats and Mittens - McCall's 4985

Here is a new pattern I tried out today - McCall's 4985.  I like it -so am hoping it fits the little great-nephew it is for.  NOT sure about the mittens, although they are cute.  I just don't think they will stay on with the wide cuff so I might add a bit of elastic to the inside.  I think the hat sizes run a bit small and the mittens a bit large!  So, adjust accordingly - I actually e-mailed a niece for her son's head measurements for a different hat I am making for him - always handy to have measurements in hand, although I know that is not always possible.

This is my son's standard hat - not sure what is up this year because I have that bubble up top, but I may be able to fix that yet. It is actually a combination of several different patterns, redrawn, retraced, redone - so really I can't even refer you to a pattern for this one because it is really my own pattern at this point.  But he likes these hats and they keep his ears and back of neck warm.  He likes a matching neck warmer.  I blogged about how to make the neck warmers in 2007 here Neck Warmer - just click on that blue link and you will see the post.  I am hoping to make 2 more sets for older cousin's of his.
And for a baby in the family!  OK - he is just learning to walk so not an infant anymore.  I have to add tassles to the tops and also velcro to the bottom tabs.  This is a pattern I made up for my son when he was younger and he loved this hat!  But looking at McCall's 4985 you can come up with something very similar using those pieces as a basis - just extend the ear flaps to come down under the chin - also I cut my hat band straight across the back of the neck for extra coverage.  I still have to make matching mittens - 1 side maroon the other side yellow.  I will be making the tried and true mittens I have made so many times for my own son - not warm enough for snow play but just perfect for cold days at the playground, getting into a cold car, etc.  I blogged about that mitten pattern in 2006 here  -Mitten Post .  They are sooo easy to make with no set in thumb and perfect for the little ones.  I just zig zag a thin elastic to the inside to help them stay on.  *Edited to add - on my newer mitten pattern version I have made the thumb point up a bit more and added a bit of a thumb gusset - photos for another post!
So that is what I got sewn today! All these projects were made with scraps from all the pants I have made my son - so I am busting scrap stash at the same time!  Took the day off from paperwork, my carpenter is off on weekends and my season is winding down so I actually had the day off.  It was nice to just putter around and play with my Christmas list a bit - there are 20 kids in my family under the age of 12 and I do hope to be able to make a little something for each and every one of them this year.  A big undertaking, I know, but at least I am working on it!  The weather up the Eastern Seaside has been windy & rainy so this was a nice project for today.
I enjoyed a nice tea out with my next door neighbor - lots of yummy desserts and I picked a few small bites to try out.  Always nice to get out and have a change of scenery.  Better than staying home and missing my Mom whose birthday is today - she lost her battle with cancer in 1999.  But it does make me happy to be making things for the younger kids and remembering how very much my Mom loved all children.  Half the town called her Nana!


Brenda said...

I think you always miss them when they go - my dad, same thing, cancer... But, on to things that take us to today = Love your hats and mitts!!! And, even if you made all the kids that for Christmas - it would be a fantastic gift idea!! And fun too!! (not to mention totally useful!!!!)

I have missed reading your posts. I took a 'vacation' in the sense that I stopped sewing and going to visist people who do, so I have missed alot. But, I am so glad to see you and look at you go!!!!! Now, I am thinking I should sew myself a hat and mitts too!!! I was thinking of knitting one, but..... I guess the cold chill in the air lets me know winter is on it's way, and so I am back in my sewing room and now want to make things to cuddle up and feel warm with. Great 'seeing' you!!!

Shirley said...

I'm glad your getting some sewing done. I just dream about it. I have several customers quilts to load and quilt and my DH is in the hospital an hour drive away. I'm still working 40 hrs a week in the other direction. Hope all is well with your family. Shirley

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That is quite a legacy for a Nana to leave, I am sorry for your loss. Your sewing exploits are terrific~ no cold, freezing ears or fingers in your family.

Lori said...

Yes, miss my mother too. 18 years now. When do you go back to Austria??