Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beach Photos

I am not really a summer beach go-er, but in the off-season, I love the beach!  In the summer you never can get parking anyway, but this time of year - no problem!  Here are some photos I have taken this past month at various beaches.  I like the beach above because it is a good spot to sit in your car and look at the water!  Not very many beaches have "front-row" parking.  It was actually pretty cold and windy this day, so a great day for sitting in the car!

This beach above was my cousin's favorite beach. I am almost positive that he drove down here every day to take a look. We do that - we like to drive around a take a look at our favorite beaches!  I like think of the tire tracks as him driving and never stopping - just driving out there.  He died a few years ago.  This is low tide.  At high tide the water pretty much comes up to the rock I am sitting on.

I took this photo right after leaving a wake for a young man in his late 20's.  I thought everything about this scene was beautiful.  Over 1000 people went to the wake; it was very sad.  So, this beautiful vista was very calming at that particular moment.  March was a hard month with 3 memorials and several anniversaries of loved ones deaths, including my Mom 13 years ago.  I find peace at the beach.
 This is a nice bay beach on a quiet day.  A lot of seaweed that day though.

The right whales have been right off-shore this past month.  We are looking for whales, but did not see any this day.  It is pretty common to have binoculars in your car in case you want to take a look at something far off.

Another favorite - the Atlantic side with high dunes.  Look at the sandbars this year - next storm will probably wipe them right out!  Can you see the 2 people in the shadow making their way along the dune?  I love these beaches - they have the biggest surf, but they are also a challenge to get up and down toting all your beach gear!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little photo show.  I am very busy right now, but look forward to when I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis again!  Maybe I will just try to do some short "photo posts".  Just to show that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!  Although I do love to stand on the edges of those dunes!

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Shirley said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us. I think of you and little one often. I've been quilting a lot don't know what I'll do with them but they probably will find a home. I lost my job Jan 1 so I'm just lost. Shirley in stormy Oklahoma