Monday, April 02, 2012

The Night Trip to the Vets

This is my sweet little friend Hopie - she is my sister's dog, but gosh, do I love her.  How can I not love her, she loves me!  When I come in the door she tears around in very fast circles all around the living room.  She bounces off of me.  She smiles.  She laughs.  When I walk in the door, she lets me know that she is happy to see me!  How can a person not love that kind of reception?

She is a lapdog for sure and her favorite place to be is on your lap, especially if you even think that you might put your laptop on your lap.  She is very snuggly and playful.  
So you can imagine how concerned I was the other night when she did not come running to greet me.  No sirree.  She sat on the couch and looked 100% miserable, her ears folded down flat like Yoda.  When I picked her up she wimpered and yelped and acted like she was in so much pain that I promptly thought she was for sure deathly ill and I burst out into tears.  Nothing doing but my sister and I had to bring her to the vet... at night, which is after hours.  Which, where we live,  means you have to go to the animal hospital that is $165 just to walk in the door.  X-rays were $200.  They gave her a shot for the pain which they charged $9 to dispose of the needle.  I didn't see the rest of the bill - my sister read those parts off to me.  Yikes!
The good news, Hopie is fine.  She strained her neck and after a day or two of rest and some pain med, she is back to her job as a very enthusiastic greeter.  I am so happy!  But you never know - she could have eaten something sharp or had a bad infection or something.  Seriously, she was in complete agony.   So yes, it was an expensive vet bill, but we got the good news we wanted - some pain meds and rest and she is back to being her silly little self.  Still, I feel badly for my sister that the charges were so high.

And a photo of my quilt.  I started it in September, put it away when I went away at Christmas and got it up to this stage sometime in February.  I probably will tie this one with wool yarn and maybe just stitch in the ditch or quilt big X's through the squares - I have to get batting at Joanne's, but out Joanne's had a big fire and I do not think that they are open again yet.  I heard over $500,000 in damage and arson is surely suspected.  The fire broke out in the yarn and batting department and the flames were very bit - all the way up to the ceiling.  Glad I wasn't there that day!

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Mary said...

The quilt is lovely!

I can relate to the vet bill. Chesty has had some pretty expensive visits and surgeries too but the love is priceless!