Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March mini-getaway

In March I was lucky to go to NH with a sister for a "mini" vacation. While there, we went to this fabulous yarn shop!  I asked them if I could take some photos and they had no problem with that.

Lots of yarn goodness!
And spinning.
Oh look!  I found the sock wall!  I got yarn to make some new socks, but first I had to finish the ones on my needles.  I was using Paton's wool - nice and warm!  My favorite 3/2 rib all the way down to the toe.  These are my favorite style "hiking socks".  I was in a sporting good store the other day and hiking socks were $15.  I know it is a bit expensive to knit your own too, but really, I just love hand knit socks!  And - nothing like new sock yarn in the knitting bag to inspire you to knit faster on your current project so you can go on to the next!  I am happy to say, that I did get these socks done and am now knitting that new yarn!  Mmmm.  I have almost 1 sock done now.
We had a good time.  Do you think these are mink tracks?

When we got there the ice was pretty strong and the guys were out there ice fishing.  Within the few days that we were there - well things started melting!
And on the way home... I always admire the ice coming out of the rocks on the side of the roads, but I am usually driving.  This time my sister was driving and I finally got a good photo!
It was the perfect March get-away.

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