Friday, April 27, 2012

Enjoying the birds to relax

Are your nerves on edge?  If you are like most people, you are juggling multiple things.  It seems like, as a society, we are in a constant rush.  Sooner or later maybe everything feels like it is too much.  I am very busy myself, but I really do try to stop every day and admire something about nature.  It helps my nerves.  Soothing.  Here is what I do:  Just stop.  Take a DEEP breath in.  Oxygen is good!  Breath in even deeper now as you straighten your posture and put your shoulders back.   Slowly exhale, relax and be thankful for something.  
The other day I was riding my bike and I saw THREE hawks playing in the air currents.  It was soooo windy, I can't even believe I was out riding, but there I was, trying to get a little fresh air into my lungs and clear my head.  The birds were playing.  I love to watch the birds play in the air currents.  Hawks are migrating right now so I am often lucky enough to see several at once, although it is pretty near impossible to get 3 in the view finder of the camera and in focus all at the same time.  Well, here is a photo of one of the 3 hawks and you can just see the tips of the wing of a 2nd hawk in this photo.  I just had to stop and enjoy watching them.  Stop.  Breathe.  Be thankful.  The hawks were really amazing and brightened my day.
Also this week - I was sitting in my truck in a favorite look-out spot eating a snack.  This bird was right in front of me and I took a photo and then got to wondering why I have never seen a seagull before with a black head.  So, I send the photo to my sister and ask her if seagulls have black heads?  She messages me back that this bird is a tern!  OK, goes to show how much I pay attention to nature, ha ha.  Well, I enjoy the birds, but I never said I knew all their names!
An osprey circling around the nest, protecting it, as my sister, nephew, their dog and I went for a walk.  As soon as we approached with a dog, the 2 parents flew out of the nest and circled around and around until we passed a good distance.  They make a high pitched cry.
And here is an on-line weblink where you can watch 2 eagles taking care of their 3 chicks.  They are right next to a fish hatchery.  Lots of noise!  Who knew eagles had so many different calls?  Well worth watching!
I hope you all have a good day, take the time to breathe, relax and be thankful for something.  Try to make this ritual a daily habit and it will help you cope with stressful situations.  I don't think we can have a perfect life, per say, but we sure can have millions and millions of perfect moments if we stop to enjoy them.  Take good care, my readers!  I am thinking about you.
Please leave me a comment about what you do to relax!  Thanks!


Mary said...

Being outside, walking or riding my bike. Today Keith and I did one last walk/hike here in GA before we head home tomorrow. Both of us wish we had another week here to relax ... Life has been very busy for us this last year.

Cape Codder in Montana said...

Hi Ev. . . I missed this when you posted it, but as you know I was one of the eagle groupies watching the parent bald eagles raise their three chicks.

Such dedication!

So fill us in on the puffins up there in your Canadian territory. Miss you! Love, Irene