Friday, November 30, 2012

Happiness Is...

Happiness is ... being re-united with my family.  The first photo was snapped within a hour of my arrival, with me being awake for about 24 straight hours by that time.  As much as I tried, I just couldn't sleep on the plane.  The 2nd photo after I had a much needed 3 hour nap.  As you can see, School Boy is thrilled!  Me too.  Well, the traveling bit is not so fun, but it is worth it!  My poor feet swelled up like lemons on either side this trip, ugh.  Laying down never felt so good and after a day, I felt much better.  Still struggling with jet lag though, but then again, I have only been here 2 days.
Yesterday DH and I went to the DR together.  He had his routine cancer screen done and was nervous about it so was waiting for my arrival to get the results.  Happiness is... another cancer-free scan!  Three years and counting now.  They have now decided to do the scan 1X a year, so he has graduated to the next level of recovery.  This is great news - because his tumor was 3 kg they thought it was a very fast growing tumor and have really kept an eye on him these past few years.  But now, 3 years clear - they are starting to relax.  There have been long-term, lingering side effects, but compared to cancer, well, it is something we can accept.
If you are buying anything on Amazon, please use my blog links!  In case you are curious, after 1 month, I am happy to report that I had earned enough in commission to pay for the taxi from the airport.  So, obviously, I am not getting rich, but every little bit does help.  Last year I waited over an hour for the bus - it is a round-about route and finally gets me to the train station, where I transfer to a city tram and that lets me off about a 10 minute walk from home.  The taxi this year was such an improvement - zip, zip and no lugging of my bags.  So for those of you who placed an order, thank you very much!  Your order helped make my life so much easier in the final leg of my trip.


GeoHolly said...

Hi Evelyn! I lurk on your blog all the time :) and I'm so glad you are back to blogging again. I love reading about your family, your life (it's so interesting), your knitting and quilts etc. Amazon is my favorite shopping spot so I will try to remember to enter through your links next time I shop there. Yay for the taxi ride! and the good DR results. So happy you are reunited with your family.

Hanne said...

Lovely photos of you 2 :-)
I am doing a happy dance for your DH's good health news!!