Friday, November 09, 2012

Big Sky Days

I have been missing my camera lately and have been making an effort to make sure I have it when I go out somewhere.  Not my little, snappy camera (which is great, because I always have it , but my SLR).  Part of the issue is that it is 9 years old now and some of the technology just doesn't "talk" with the newer technology anymore!  Still, it is a great camera and takes such great photos!  My camera is a Canon Rebel DS6041, also known as the 300D.  The thing is a little tank and my son has been taking great photos with it for, um, years!  In other words - if my son can figure it out, so can you!  I am finding that as I get older, I am not liking things with little, itty, bitty buttons.  You can check out Canan cameras or any other kind of camera from Amazon using my link here:  

 I am linking to my style camera (not the same, exact model though), but using this link you can browse around and look at other things too!  
Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm IS II Lens and EOS HD Movie Mode (Black)

I have a fabulous, almost fish eye lens, that I just love.  Now mind you, the lens is slightly broken - for some reason it pops out of its housing - I have had it to the repair shop and it has  been glued, but it sill pops out.  The simple solution to this issue is just to be aware of it and push it back in place.

I seem rather taken with taking "big sky" photos lately.  Can you blame me, look at how beautiful it has been!
If you have a SLR, and are curious, my "big sky" photos are taken using a 19 - 35 mm lens (1:35 - 4.5).  It is called a wide-angle lens. You would have to check to see what would work with your camera, but here is a link to Canan wide angle lenses:  
Wide Angle Lenses

Just remember - any time you buy an expensive lens, spend a few extra dollars on the filter!  I have scratched filters before and the scratch would have been on the lens if it weren't for the filter!
  Lens Filters - Worth the Few Extra Dollars!  Because really, the camera doesn't cost as much as your collection of lenses (and you will start to want a few once you have this kind of camera!).  My rule is that when I buy a lens, I buy at least 2 filters.  That way I am never, ever tempted to use my lens without a filter!

I hope my links are working today!  I have gotten a few e-mails about some links not working - I think I have that fixed now.  And, I have received some e-mails that people are ordering from my links!  Thank you!!!  
For those of you that don't know - in addition to everything else that I squeeze into my day, I am also a college student.  Last year I went full time for 2 semesters; this semester I am taking 2 classes over the internet.  Mid-terms and report deadlines have just passed so now I hope to have a little bit more time to blog.  At least for the next few weeks until finals and more reports are due.  I am looking forward to this little lull in my schedule - I need a some time emotionally to go out and enjoy that "big sky".  

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