Monday, November 12, 2012

Coupons and Small Pocket Cameras

One thing about my little point-and-shoot camera is that I almost always have it with me.  It fits into my jacket pocket, my purse, my beach bag, etc. with no worries.  I don't have to worry about lens covers, different lenses, how big and heavy it might be.  If I am at an event - I don't even have to worry about where to put it because it fits into my jeans pocket!  Generally, I have it with me.  Yes, cell phones do take photos and those photos look great on the phone screen, but just try enlarging those photos to 5X7 or 8X10.  It doesn't come out too clearly.  So, a little pocket camera is the way to go if you think you might ever want to make enlargements.  And - it is GREAT for capturing funny little things that you come across during your day.  Such as...
Yesterday I was in the grocery store and came across... a coupon for tea - stuck to the tea with scotch tape.  But that's not all...

Lots of items had coupons taped to them - toothbrushes, shampoos, canned goods, cereals...

I am a big fan of coupons - if it is something that you are going to use.  I often go on-line to the stores and print out a weekly coupon before I go shopping.  Saves money and every little bit adds up over time!  I recommend a coupon organizer!  My son is a great coupon fan too and the organizer helps him see what we have coupons for.  

I guess someone went into that store with their weekly coupons and a roll of scotch tape - hoping that maybe they could help someone else save a dollar or more.  Whoever the mysterious coupon clipper was - I think she/he was pretty generous to take the time to try to share.  And I was surprised that the store hadn't removed them.  Who knows - maybe it is a weekly event at this store - I had never been there before, but it seemed like a friendly place!
My sister asked me why I was taking these pictures and I told her that I was going to do a blog post about it.  I wish I had more time to blog - so basically, I have to MAKE more time to blog.  Do it instead of thinking about it.  I see so many interesting (at least to me) things that I would like to think that if I could be better about blogging I can be your eyes to my little part of the world.  OK, maybe not exactly interesting in an intellectual sort of way, but in a quirky, human nature sort of way!  
Please remember that if you are going to buy anything on Amazon to please use my links box at the top right of my blog.  Thank you for your support!  If you don't have a little point and shoot camera, I highly recommend having one.  I have no favorite brand in that department - my sisters and I all have different ones and each one has their good points and weaker points.  But the point is - it doesn't matter what camera you have - if you do not have it with you then you will miss some great photo opportunities!
Pocket Cameras!

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