Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Birds Are Playing

I was at the beach the other day and the birds were playing in the waves.  There were plenty of birds out further in the water away from the wave break, but this particular group were "playing".  They did it over and over again and then would get out of the water, shake off their feathers, dry off a bit, and then hop back into the water!

The little shore birds were scurrying around too...

A little further down the beach, the seagulls were looking for food!  They love it when the tide goes out a bit and the seaweed full of shellfish is left behind for easy pickings.
Along the beach, some of the houses are up on stilts.
Just don't go out that front door!  They still have to build the deck - so I guess they just recently raised this one.  Do you blame them - look how close they are too the water!
Do you like bird watching?  I never thought I was much of a bird watcher, but I guess I really am - now I just need to learn all their names!  In my family, almost all of us have a pair of binoculars in our car - never know when you might want to see something up a little bit closer!  I wish I had mine with me the other day, but I was still able to get pretty close and use the zoom on my little pocket camera.  May I suggest a bird watching book or a pair of binoculars?  Please use my Amazon links below for anything that you might be considering about purchasing!  Thank you!

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Norece said...

Great pictures of the birds. I have never seen birds do that before. Thanks for sharing.