Friday, January 11, 2013

On The Needles Friday - Baby Booties!

Another pair of cute baby booties.  Because they were already on my needles and I wanted those needles for something else, so I figured, I would finish them.  I made another pair of these LAST January and must have started this 2nd pair then.  Anyway, I blogged about the last pair on this blog post.  Unfortunately, when I went to the link, the pattern no longer shows up.  After a little digging, it appears that the pattern was removed because people were making baby booties using it and selling the booties as craft fairs, etc.

But since these were almost finished, I was able to figure it out.  Besides, there are many similar patterns on the internet.  The one I will use from now on is called Christine's Baby Booties, which was published in Threads in 1989.  I love the story of 95 year old Christine sharing the pattern for future generations to enjoy!
The first pair of booties I made for a great nephew who was expected.  Except I made a size small and he weighed over 9 lb at birth, so they never even fit him!  Big boy!  This pair, I do not know, but eventually another baby will arrive somewhere in my big circle of a family and friends!  Hopefully a baby smaller than 9 lb because this pair is also size small!  I even have enough yarn left over to knit up a simple baby hat to match.  Won't that be cute!
In other knitting news, I am working on a pair of knee socks for my son.  I have 1 sock all done and the other I have done 5" of knitting done, so I expect that I will have a new knitting post next Friday for link-up Friday at Judy's Blog.  You can see what everyone else is knitting this week on this link.
On a previous "On The Needles Friday", I blogged about house slippers.  Joyce asked me where I got the pattern, but left no e-mail to answer.  I did some internet searching and came up with the exact same pattern I used on this web site.  I have to warn you though - there is a "hole" in the toe from drawing up all the stitches at the end.  My son doesn't like the "hole".  It really isn't a hole - these are very popular house slippers in Canada - he is just very sensitive to anything out of the ordinary.  So, now I am going to try a different style after I finish the socks!  I guess that will be a post for a later date!


Lindah said...

Thank you for the slipper pattern website. I've been researching a particular pattern and found it at this site --plus another pattern that I want to try, too. hmmm, I wonder if I will get a pair done by next winter??? I'm enjoying your posts!

Laurie said...

Cute booties, we're having a new grandbaby this year I may have to do booties....blanket...hat, oh the possibilities.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!