Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Moms Make Home-made Chicken Noodle Soup

What on earth possesses an over-tired, sleep deprived mother to make chicken noodle soup - home-made of course?  When the poor precious child is sick.  Because we all know that chicken noodle soup makes a person feel better, so home-made must be even better, right?  OK - we almost always, always have home-made broth on hand because we buy at least 1 chicken a week for meals.  But noodles?
Someone please save me from myself!  Notice I have NO roller.  But nothing doing - I was going to make home-made noodles.  DH smartly decided to stay out of my way.  I did make the noodles and they were... ok.  Not anything that keeps as a left-over though.  Really - store bought thread noodles would have worked just fine.   DH and I laugh at the noodle episode - at least we find humor in whatever deeply rooted maternal instinct in me led me to make home-made noodles in not the best circumstances.  Seriously - I think with a little practice I could make very good noodles, but this just wasn't the time to be trying to do so!  What was I thinking?  I was thinking that I was Super Mom, of course!
Here he is on Saturday - healthy as can be.  Wheeee!  Notice - hat, mittens, ski pants, winter coat, snow boots.  But Sunday night he was feverish.  At 10 pm I gave him some fever reducer and set the alarm clock for later to check on him.  Can someone tell my why kids always seem to spike a fever in the middle of the night? 2am medicine and the fever continued to rise so by 3 am the fever was 103.  During the day he seems ok, but at night - no sleep for either of us!   So - no school Monday (gym), no school Tuesday, for sure no school today (Wednesday is swimming).  Don't ask me how the teachers get 24 kids to the gym, changed, in the pool, changed again, hair dryed and back to school - but they do.  All day today he has been pretty happy, finished all his homework that the teacher sent, practiced his music and then by 7 pm - fever.  
Is it any wonder?  The weather has been up and down like a yo yo.  Snow, ice, cold one week - and then the next?  Warm, spring-like weather.  I kid you not.  Here is a photo my son took in mid-January of crazy Super Mom who makes noodles.
See - spring jacket - unzipped.  Beautiful warm day - no hat, no mittens.  Today - cold.  This weekend - supposed to be warm.  Good grief.  Well, I don't care what the weather does - I just want my boy to feel better - so much so that I attempted home-made noodles.  Maybe I am the one who is feverish!  Please send chicken noodle soup!
Oh - and NEXT time I attempt noodles (which I have read are very easy to make), I would love to have this tool!  Yes, I love my kitchen gadgets!

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Lindah said...

Oh, you are brave! I've made lots of chicken soup, but never attempted the homemade noodles. My husband's aunt made wonderful noodles. I hope your son is well by now. Also, hope you and your husband do not get sick.