Saturday, January 26, 2013

On the Needles Friday - crocheting snowflakes!

This week was full of crocheting snowflakes for my son's Snowman Party.  Christmas decorations are long gone and I really didn't want a costume Faschings party (carnival the week before Ash Weds.).  
My son invited 7 kids.  We printed out our own invitations and he colored them all in.  We came up with a decorating theme (white Faschings globes from the dollar store (really Euro shop) with snowflake garlands.  These globes come in all colors, but we wanted white snowballs - when you turn on the LED light inside they are soft blue/purple.  Really pretty - it just doesn't show up in the photo.  
Edited to add this new photo with the camera set on night landscape or some other icon like that.  Sometimes it pays to play around with your camera settings!

We came up with a menu (pizza and krapfens).  Krapfens are a traditional Faschings treat, but they are so popular that now the bakeries sell them year round - they are like jelly donuts, but not as sweet!  My son decided on a simple craft project and we went to get the supplies.  I crocheted.  My son had to clean his room.  So yes, planning a party takes time!

My son painted this snowman on a giant piece of paper.  The nose is felt.  This was one of our games - "pin the nose on Frosty".  The prizes were Kinder Eggs!

The snowman craft my son wanted to do was oragami style folded snowmen.  We bought a large sheet of paper and cut the strips ahead of time, plus glued the stips at 90 degree angles so it was all ready to go.  The kids really loved their snowmen and my son's has been added to our snowflake garland.  They also made cookies - I had premade the sugar dough and they got to roll it out and cut out the cookies.  Everyone got to go home with a bag of cookies.
The big hit of the party was hauling out all the Lego's and playing, playing, playing with them.  
It was really fun and really didn't even cost all that much money!  Just goes to show - you can have a good time even when you are on a tight budget.  All the parents called ahead to ask if it was a birthday party and I said no - it was just a fun party for the kids to get together during these cold, gray January days.  There was no stress about presents and expectations on how birthday parties are supposed to be and what so and so had for their birthday party.  Oh yes, I think I rather like a snowman party!
MOST of my snowflakes were made using a tutorial on Attic24 - you can find her tutorial on her blog here.
I made mine out of white yarn and different sized hooks.  Again, the photo really doesn't show how really pretty this decoration turned out to be!
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straythreads said...

Wow What a fun party almost makes me wish my kids were little again. and what a wonderful mom you are!!