Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Family Game Night

Monopoly (this is the Sponge Bob version)...

and DKT are 2 family favorites.

The beloved Austrian board game DKT and Monopoly are basically the exact same game!  
As we swing into the longer nights of winter... we spend some family time together playing board games (at least once a week anyway).  By the time my son gets home from school and gets his homework done - it is just about dark!  So, games are a nice way to break up the evening.  
My son is now 10 and does a great job as the banker for Monopoly and DKT.   Sneaky way to teach math and change counting, etc. And playing as a family gives you a safe environment to not allow cheating and specifying what the rules are before they go out and play at another house.  I think most 10 year olds like to win, and as parents - I think sometimes it is easier to just let them win so they are happy, but in the long run - you aren't doing them any favors.  So, we play by the rules and he usually wins anyway, but is also learning to loose, if not gracefully, then at least - not in a sulk.  Phew.  It is all for fun.
We also play Sorry!  But - I am on the lookout for a new board game for the family (3 players so that rules out the 2 player games).  Any favorites?  Suggestions?  I am thinking maybe Life.  What are some of your family favorites?

On the weekends, we head outdoors!  Not that we aren't outdoors a lot during the week, but school takes up such a chunk of the daytime.  Anyway, it IS getting cooler here, but mid-day is usually fairly nice.  We like walking and bike riding - just taking it easy and enjoying our time together.  

Note:  You can get all sorts of versions of Monopoly - from the Classic, New York, Sponge Bob, Dr. Who, National Parks - lots more!  Amazing.  Just be sure that you are ordering the board game if that is what you want, not some electronic version!


Doodlebug Gail said...

SEQUENCE is a favourite here in my house. Great for 2 or more players. So glad to see that you're with your family for the winter. Kind Regards Gail (Toronto, Canada)

Mollie said...

We've always been big on game night too. When the kids come to visit we always have at least one night for games. In addition to Monopoly, the boys and Keith liked Risk although that wasn't my favorite. Scrabble is another favorite. We also like card games and domino's.