Sunday, November 17, 2013

Baby Monster!

I love our weekends in the winter!  Friday we went out with a friend for lunch and then School Boy had accordion lessons.  While he was at lessons, we went to a very old bakery for coffees (or a latte in my case - yum!).  The bakery was founded in the 1500's.  It always amazes me in Austria how very old some things are!
Saturday is always a bit busy because on Sunday ALL the shops are closed, so if you want something, you need to get out on Saturday.  Walk, walk, walk everywhere.  School Boy usually needs some sort of pen or eraser or marker or something for school!  While there are no big, super, craft stores over here, there are a few stores that have small craft sections.  We picked up some different colors of yarn (1.30 Euro a skein!) and fake eyes to make... baby monsters.  Last night I started making these cute, little monsters!  The first one was orange and my son grabbed him up in a hurry.  Will have to try to get a photo later.  My son glued the eyes and embroidered the mouths - he has crafts at school and they do lots of hand sewing for their projects so he is actually quiet good at it!  The baby monster?  The pattern is from this site HERE (Craftsyiscool).  Takes a bit of time to make, but they are so cute!
And Sundays?  Usually lazy mornings, doing the wash, some housework, School Boy finishes his homework...  It is a nice day out so we will go for a family bike ride, spend some time at the park, probably play a board game in the early evening after dinner... speaking of - my son likes to use Lego pieces as his game pieces, ha!

The next 2 weekends will be busier for us because of open houses at the gymnasiums.  My son has several different "test days" scheduled (where he will go to a gymnasium for the day instead of his own school) coming up and then the open houses.  Most of the gymnasiums have "specialties" (math, science, language, music, art, sports, etc.).  My son is most interested in the math with science programs.  I WISH math came to me as easily as it comes to him!  He doesn't even have to think about it - for him it is just common sense, while for me it is a big mystery and every question has to be solved.   So we will see... applications have to be submitted right after report cards are issued.  

Updated to add:  We went downstairs to go bike riding and my LOCKED bike had been stolen.  This was quite a blow to - we really enjoy bike riding together.  DH tires quickly walking so anytime we have to walk a distance, usually my son and I go by ourselves.  So, biking is our big "together" activity outside.  The theft was most upsetting to my son who promptly burst into tears.  The bike had been a special Christmas surprise to me and it truly was very nice (purchased used, but in excellent condition).  School Boy and I still went (I used my DH's bike), but that means DH had to stay home.  My bike is easier to ride (or was) so DH always used my bike to go grocery shopping.  The DR had prescribed bike riding to help my DH's knee and my bike was perfect for that and DH was saying that his knee was starting to feel better too.   So, loosing a bike (especially since we don't have a car in Austria) hurts.

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Lindah said...

I am so sorry about the bike. And tracing a stolen bike is like looking for a needle in a haystack.