Friday, November 15, 2013

Before School...

Before I decided to go to college... I used to quilt!  I made this Shakespeare in the Park quilt when my son was small.  Actually, I have made 3 quilts using this pattern and gave 2 of them away.  This one is never used and today - it too is going to a new home.  I washed and dried it before leaving Canada (just to "freshen" and make sure that it wouldn't shrink or something dreadful since I was giving it away) and brought it over here with me.
Obviously, you can see that my own, personal bedding is all in colors of cream, yellows, golds, orange.  This is my bed in Austria so it is a bit of a different size - over here we have 2 big duvets with covers that we fold in half - and viola - the bed is made!  Orange is such a nice, bright color for our long, gray winter days.  We used to have blues/greens and I found it too dark.  If the sun isn't going to shine outside, at least I can pretend it is shining inside!   In the summer, my bed in Canada is all creams and whites. 
With my life schedule, business, school classes, etc... there has not been much time for quilting... but it is there - perking on the back burner, just waiting for my return when the time comes.  In the meantime, when I have spare time I like to sit down, put my feet up and knit!  And knitting is much more portable than quilting.
This pattern is from Judy Martin.  It is found in her book, "The Creative Pattern Book".  It is an easy pattern, but has many, many pieces!  What I did was get a bunch of med/big zip lock bags and label each bag (using a Sharpie marker) with the pattern letter.  As I cut - I put the pieces into the correctly labeled bag.  As long as you stay organized, you can master this pattern!

You can read an older blog post of mine about these quilts by clicking HERE.  And HERE is a post all the way back from 2006 when I was making BLUE stars for this pattern (I make the little sawtooth stars first because they take the longest - the snails go together fast so I save that for the end).  I am sure that I have other posts here and there about making this pattern, but you know... after blogging for years and years - it is a lot of blog posts to wade through to find what you are looking for!  Anyway, long story short - if you like the looks of this pattern, I do encourage you to give it a try.

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straythreads said...

your quilt is beautiful I love the positive/negative use of blue and yellow