Monday, November 02, 2015

Lunch at the Vienna Zoo

It was a holiday weekend here in Austria. I thought it would be nice to go to Vienna, while the weather is still nice. We went to a The Natural Hisyory Museum the day of our arrival and the zoo the next day. The zoo is world famous and I love it so much. But I have never been when the outdoor restaurants are closed. We ate lunch in the center pavilion. ..which at first was full of screaming kids. Oy! Why don't parents take screaming kids out of a restaurant, especially one this small? But when our order was brought out, the screamers had left, so thankfully we were able to enjoy our meal! And really, what a lovely little pavillion! My son had his favorite putenschnitzel with potatoes,  truly a favorite dish of Austria. We left my husband at the hotel for the day, he is just not capable of walking around a zoo!  And then we all enjoyed dinner at the hotel together. It works for us.

I always love the panda bears.  They usually sit with their backs toward the glass while they eat...They do not like camera flashes. People pay no attention to the signs so the pandas have solved the problem themselves by presenting their back sides. But the 1st time in the panda house (we went 3x and 2x in the koala house, I like to see them so much), one panda was sleeping right against the glass! The 2 year old panda is being "returned" to China this week.  The parents are on loan from China and the zoo was successful at breeding the 2 year old was born at the zoo, but belongs to China, hence the quotes around the word returned! So it was special to me to see all 3 bears. The koala bear photo is on my camera so...hopefully I will figure that out sometime this week. I am just not Ms. Technology! But they are so cute, I really want to show you. I had never seen a panda, koala bear or brillen bear (photo also on my camera) before going to the Vienna Zoo.

All in all, a nice little getaway. Next post...Some photos from the drive and the Natural History Museum,  which is just amazing. But I am still Blogging from my phone and it gets tedious typing with 1 finger!

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