Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Cookies Are Made!

 My son signed up for cookies for his class party. Brownies, I beg. Can't you bring brownies? But no, he has his heart set on cookies. Every Mom's best friend has got to be pre-made cookie dough...If you can find it. Slice, dip in sprinkles and bake. You can not go wrong!
 1 bag of dough for only 1.49€ on sale. What's not to love?
 Have you been reading my blog since he was 2 years old?  Here is a snap of the 2 of us working away. Sorry it is slightly blurry but I was not the one taking the photo! I am pretty sure that when he was 3 or 4 I posted a photo of him making cookies standing on a stool to reach the counter.  Step stool definitely not needed anymore! 
 We made 1 batch of butter cookies. Apparently  my cookie cutters got moved to the basement...somewhere! So we went to the store and got 1 new cutter and 1 new stamp. Today we should be in the basement storage unit for Christmas lights so I will take a look.   
Ta-da! A full container of cookies. It came home empty.

And while we were waiting for cookies to bake, my son started drawing on a new sheet of paper...He probably will add many pictures and fill up the entire page...that seems to be his style. So,  here is his picture zoomed in - plenty of space left on the paper...We will be going to the Star Wars movie sometime soon.


{Geo}Holly said...

What a great picture - you and your son baking cookies together. My five year old granddaughter loves to help cook and bake too. This year I'm giving her the Little House on the Prairie book set with accompanying cookbook and her own measuring cups and spoons. The wow-factor may not be there when she opens the gifts but they will keep on giving as she works her way through the books and recipes.

Your son is a great sketcher :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My Mom read us all those books, plus Farmer Boy when I was little. She read many other books to us too...even when we were well old enough to read ourselves. My son had a step stool at that age to reach the kitchen counter to "help" cook. His favorite thing was liking the brownie batter! I think she will like the gift...For a very long time!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Great photo! Good to see that you're still keeping up with your traditional cookie baking with your son.