Friday, December 11, 2015

December Christmas Lights in Graz

 The weather continues to be mild in Graz this December. It makes walking downtown to see the lights enjoyable. And because it gets dark so early, even though it looks like we are out all hours of the night...We are not.
Personally, long winter nights wear on my nerves. Christmas lights makes things a little more perky!

 The downtown square.
 Lots of people out enjoying visiting and drinking Gluwine at the Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt). There are some little kiddie rides for the kids too.
I am not sure how the cute, little shops do selling items, but they sure are fun to look at and make things festive. Basically, at night people are out drinking hot wine drinks and eating. The waffle hut does well! I like the smells of cinnamon and basically, Christmas in the air!

The annual nativity ice sculpture. Melting fast!
The newspaper on St. Nicholas (spelled Nikolaus over here) Day featuring St. Nikolaus with 2 Krampuses.

Very busy right now and not much time to write, but I will keep taking photos along the way! One more photo from a different day, slightly earlier. I like the color of the sky in this one.


{Geo}Holly said...

The long winter nights wear on my nerves too. I like seeing the people out enjoying the evenings in your pictures. Christmas lights are pretty. I think I could enjoy an evening there sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Some years it is really cold and not so fun. Then again, 1 year we had snow and it looked so beautiful on all those upside down trees over the street. You just have to dress for the weather!