Friday, December 25, 2015

Candles on the Christmas Tree

We have had candles on the Christmas tree before, but not this year. This is an old photo.

But, I have NEVER seen Christmas tree sparklers!  We had a lovely family lunch today and I was admiring the tree...and asked about the sticks hanging down.

I was so amazed that my son's cousin put one on the tree and let my son light it.  And here is the photo to prove it!

Candles and chocolates (we always have chocolates!) are traditional in Austria. Also, there is no Santa,  but rather Christkind (Christ child), an angel that brings gifts during the day on Christmas Eve.

And, some children's drawings of their Christmas trees from the newspaper cover today. So sweet! Many with candles and angels.

Still very warm here in Austria, unusually so! Great for my heating bill. Our apartment has stayed at about 72 degrees F for the past several days and we have not had the heat on for a good 5 days. As long as the sun comes out, our apartment heats up beautifully. We pull our shutters down at night and it keeps the heat inside.

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