Sunday, February 12, 2006

Griessnockerl Suppe

This is Omi's recipe - authentic Austrian.  My husband translated it for me to share.  Mmmm... a steaming hot bowl of griessnockerl suppe. This is one of my very favorite Austrian soups. We eat our big meal of the day at noon and in the winter we always have soup as a first course.

Griessnockerl Suppe

50 grams butter
1 large egg
100 grams cream of wheat (USA) or Grieß in Austria, or Farina...depends where you live!
pinch of salt
a sprinkle of chopped parsley
1 liter of salt water
1 liter of stock (chicken, beef, vegetable...)
garnish of chopped chives

Whip butter. Add eggs, cornmeal, parsley, salt - mix altogether. Let stand about 15 minutes. Use 2 soup spoons to form nockerls and put into boiling salt water. Cook on low rolling boil about 10 minutes. Take off heat and let stand in water for another 10 minutes (basically, you want the nockerl to be cooked through - it will be a nice off-white color in the middle when done - if it is a bit hard and yellow it isn't done yet). Take the nockerls out of this salt water and serve in the hot broth. Garnish with a sprinkle of chives. You can also freeze the nockerls for later use. Enjoy!
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Thank you to my reader Silvie for telling me that the ingredient is cream of wheat, or Grieß!  My husband translated it incorrectly for me and although I know the bag says Grieß, I did not realise his translation was wrong!

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Patti said...

Very interesting looking! Not quite like dumplings. Almost oriental - kinda sorta. I bet it tastes really good when it's cold.

The Calico Cat said...

nockerls sound a bit like matzoh balls... I really like soup too...

cher said...

thanks for the recipe...will have to try it out later.

Dawn said...

Oh this soup sounds wonderful! I may have to try this!

Star said...

When I lived in Austria, this was my second most favorite suppe. I was searching for a recipe, and came across yours - thank you, I shall have to try it!

Guten appetit!

Silvie said...

It is not corn meal but farina or cream of wheat