Sunday, April 30, 2006

April Tally/May ideas

Here is a photo of my Broken Dishes quilt - with borders!

I like reading Jeanne's Month in Review posts, so have decided to start my own month end tally - sewing wise!

Let's see...

I went shopping and pretty much stuck to my list. Yeah!
Bordered the whirly-gig 1 top - ready for long armer!
Made 1 flower block and learned a new technique
Put the binding on Little Boy's I Spy - a finish!
Bordered 2 baby quilt tops - still to be quilted by me
Bordered my Broken Dishes top - ready for long armer!
Got a good start on my scrappy blue squares - one of my Top 25 quilts
Decided the pink pinwheel quilt is done... does that count?
Looked at my Dresden Flower blocks - does that count?
Made my girlfriend a dress
Made Little Boy a hat
Re-organized my stash by color vs. lights/darks - will blog about this later!

AND, put the bindings on 2 more quilts for Little Boy. Yes, yes, I know - I still have to blog about my binding experience with that #%#*@ binding gizmo gadget (does that give you a clue - in other words, if I were you, I wouldn't run right out and buy one!).

Wow, that is alot! I am really pleased!!! And lookie there - I FINISHED more projects than I started. I get a gold star for the month!

And now I am wondering how I did all that because I was on the Cape and visiting like crazy, (oh, but I had a sewing machine there!), went to NH to see my sister, drove 2 days to Canada. My sister and her son came to visit us, which was wonderful (oh, but we sewed together!). AND, I had the most awful cold in the entire world for 2 weeks. Honestly, by the time it started to finally go away I was beginning to wonder if I had it in me to cough 1 more time even if my life depended upon it. Thankfully I am hardly ever sick and this cold was a good reminder to me of how happy I can be for that fact!

Of course, I did other things related to life in general; some of them pretty time consuming and others very mundane. And, of course, being a Momma to a very active Little Boy!

What lies ahead for May? Well that remains to be seen, but a lot less sewing will be going on because it is getting time to think about my gardening! I am the flower pot queen! I have been very jealous of all of you in the warmer climes this past month showing off your gardening treasures, but finally, it is starting to warm up around here so my turn is right around the corner! I am thinking of putting in a very small garden for Little Boy this year - maybe a pumpkin patch? - he is already a very good helper in the garden - loves to water the plants. Plus, I want to make some cushions for my outdoor teak bench. Oh, and I have the bright idea to make some sort of window treatments for various windows - so I will keep you posted about that. Add a party for about 100 people to the mix and then a smaller party for family and friends (the small party is on the Cape - so add another trip down there). Oh wait - did I just say - another trip to the USA? Add some shopping to the list! And - that is the reason I have been trying like crazy to get my tops ready for long arm quilting - I will be mailing them from the states so I don't have to worry about customs (mail), etc.

I have an idea that May will just fly by and before I know it - it will be June!


Norma said...

Congratulations on all you achieved for the month of April! You have been busy. Pat yourself on the back. I too must think about spending time in my garden. The weather here is warming up nicely and the weeds are getting ahead of me!

Cathi said...

Wow...I am tired reading about all you got moving countries, and raising a son! I love the broken dishes top!

Finn said...

Me too, I'm with Cathi and Norma! COngratulation on ALLLLL that you got done...I got tired just reading it..*VBS*
Seriously tho, it's so nice to hear all you are accomplishing in such a short period of time.

My list is far more modest..LOL, but I'm happy to claim some finishes..*VBS*..with more to come!

cher said...

oh my goodness! you certainly achieved so much progress in not just quilting but all that traveling etc! well done! I am sure you will continue to be so prolific...even when you garden and slow down! great going.

Linda_J said...

Love the broken dishes quilt, Evelyn. I'll have to study it a little closer to see just how you laid this one out.

Sorry to hear about the binding disaster---what a waste of time it would all seem especially since Little Boy was waiting for his quilt. I had hoped that you were not getting ripped off by this thing but it sure sounds like it is more trouble than it was worth.

Hanne said...

Lovely quilt - and wow - a lot of activity going on in April, with a nasty cold, moving country and all !

Dawn said...

Love your broken dishes quilt!