Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sewing Hats

My sister and I made these hats together yesterday. We had so much fun sewing together and were laughing at our different sewing styles - she does not follow the directions - does it in her own order, while I practically have to have a pencil to check off each step as I go along. She is much better at sewing clothes than I am, but I still like to watch her progress and boss her around each step of the way and then ask her - how did you do that? How far did you trim that? Where does this go? Her hat brim was done before mine and she thought it was a bit small - so I used a smaller seam and got a bit bigger of a brim on Little Boy's. Let me tell you, a 5/8" seam allowance seems huge after using 1/4" for quilting for so long! Her version is very clever - the inside is rain material which matches "mud" pants she made for her son to wear last week - to go over his regular pants when he plays outside. In anycase, we have 2 happy little boys with the finished project and we had a good visit over our sewing machines.

Actually, she came to visit for a few days and even though the weather was not exactly the best, we still had fun. We managed to take the boys out for some walks - because, oh yes, exercise is good for 2 active boys (her son is 6). We also did some sight-seeing by car and it was during these drives that Little Boy discovered the joys of picking an arguement! This was typical:

Cousin: I see a dog.
Little Boy: No you don't, I see a dog.
Cousin: I do too see a dog.
Little Boy: No you don't. I see a dog. You don't see a dog. I see a dog.
Cousin: No, I see it.
Little Boy: It's MY dog.
Cousin: It's not your dog.
Little Boy: Yes it is my dog. It is my dog.

On and on. Little Boy usually thinking it all very funny (or getting upset) and Cousin getting more and more insistent! It was driving both my sister and I a bit crazy until we decided that it was funny and started to laugh about it instead. But honestly, the 2 boys did have a wonderful time playing together which was nice to see.

DH was a little surprised when my sister unloaded her car and hauled in a sewing machine. He thought I was the only crazy person who traveled with a sewing machine in the trunk of the car - silly man! Much to DH's amusement we took over 2 tables and stayed up at night chatting and sewing away. We worked on some other stuff too, but the hats were our "joint" project.


Passionate Quilter said...

so adorable--and sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful in the process! I'm going to ask a nosy question that you can ignore, but how is it that you live 1/2 time in Austria (which I would think would be awesome) and the other half in Canada? Is it for your husbands work? curious minds want to know. Anyway, welcome to North America again!

Jeanne said...

What a sweetie-pie!
Sounds like you're having a delightful visit!
Jeanne :)

Vicky said...

What fun! It sounds like you had a fabulous time! And the hats are adorable. Still chuckling at Little Boy's arguments. Funny, funny! (No, they're not. Yes, they are. No, they're not ....)

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh how I envy your sewing time with your sister. How wonderful that the 2 of you can share something like that. Love Little Boy's hat! He needs a bag out of the same fabric for sand/beach toys.

Linda_J said...

too cute! What a handsome model you have there.

cher said...

Evelyn...finally caught up with reading all your the quilts you posted-and your little boy looks so dang cute! in his new hat..what fun for you and your sister to share together...thanks so much for sharing.

Brit said...

Give us the pattern woman! my little man has my skin tone (we redheads burnunder a bright lightbulb) and i've been looking for a great hat pattern. THAT IS IT. and the fabric would make mylittle nemo obsessed guyshappy. I wonder if i can find it on line.

Finn said...

Great looking hats!! And what fun to sew together..I'd love to be doing that..*VBS*

The Calico Cat said...

sounds like fun all around!

Dawn said...

What adorable hats and how wonderful to have a sister that sews!!!

Darcie said...

Little Boy is one big teaser!!! Those eyes...oh my! Pretty soon, it'll be "girl eye-spying" that he and Cousin will be doing, Mom!!!

Yours and your sister's hats are adorable. What a fun time...your Mom would be so proud!

Patty said...

the hats are so cute. Are you going to make one for yourself ??