Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just Blue

Inspired by Jeanne's monochromatic 3" scrappy square quilts over on Spiral, I set about cutting a bunch of 3" squares - all in blue. Anything remotely blue made it into the cutting pile including some teals and whites with blue prints. Mostly Joanne's calicos, but I came across a ziplock baggie of 6" charms I had traded and some of those prints are really eye-popping, so it is an interesting mix - at least 50 different fabrics, but I didn't actually count. Definately a mix that Nancy would like!

While I was cutting these squares I also cut a bunch of 2" strips for an all-blue log cabin and then put the strings and crumbs aside for another project. And yes, Mary, I was thinking of you as I cut out all that blue! It took me awhile to cut all the fabrics - now I can get to the fun part - chain piecing. Oh, lookie - I already got started on that part. There are already over 20 blocks pieced which is always a fun point in the game because then you can start playing around with lay-out options.

First up is the diagonal set - I think this is my favorite - using a solid light blue for the zig zags - simply because I want to machine quilt it myself and I think that feathers would look great zig zagging down that space. I like this type of setting - it is old-fashioned and simple, but a little different - yet, you never ever see a pattern for it (hint, hint - Judy!) And yeah, I am a "real expert" on quilting feathers ever since I did a placemat (a placemat, mind you!) with feathers. Actually, it is a great machine quilting pattern - you just do a wavy stitch down and then half hearts going back up and then half hearts going back down and the heart shapes are more long-ish and most importantly - don't have to match! So anyway, now that I have a placemat under my belt, I am contemplating a big quilt with lots of feathers - on a sewing machine - ummm, am I just a little bit nuts? The other mind-boggling quilting option here is to hand quilt it - gasp! I really like Finn's utility style of hand quilting, enough to actually try it out myself. So, that is my other thought - still using the diagonal setting to quilt feathers or maybe even free-hand baptist fans.

Oh - and that photo of Little Boy crawling around - he is just a tad bit frantic because he just discovered I used a piece of HIS fabric - blue with little apples on it. Fortunately, very fortunately, I had 4 3" squares of this fabric and used only 3 of them. Phew! So - he still has his little piece for his fabric stash - oh no, is he going to be a fabric hoarder?

The second option is a little bit like putting the cart before the horse. I am always thinking that my borders could use a bit of jazzing up, and then I got to thinking that these blocks would make a cool border. Oh, except for the small fact that I would be missing the entire inside of those borders at this point. Hummm - can we all say - back into a clear tote for "some day"? So, maybe that isn't really such a good option at all, but it was fun to lay it all out and take a photo for my thoughts file. It is an interesting approach though - to make a border first and then go from there.

Well, that is what I've been working on - nothing on my Top 25 list - I think all those take too much thought and I just can't think this week - so a simple, mindless bit of chain sewing fit the bill perfectly! Or, actually, I do need to think this week - and when I strip cut and chain-piece it gives me lots of time to think of other things. Guess it all depends upon which side of the coin you are looking -whether this is a thinking exercise or not! And, at the same time I was thinking of Jeanne, Mary, Nancy, Judy and Finn - a true internet friendship quilt!

On another note - the hat pattern my sister and I made was Simplicity 5581.

And me, weird? I know you all are sharing your top 6 weird things and I have thought and thought and thought and can really only come up with 1 thing which I think might be a bit weird (which has to do with driving) - everything else is more like a personality trait! Anyway, I will think on it some more and let you know what I come up with, but I am warning you - it might be just that 1 thing.


The Calico Cat said...

I too like the zig zag setting - on my list, just need to get the blocks done... (Baskets - maybe or shoo-flies, somthing traditional)

Love the border idea... Maybe for the blue log cabin that you cut the strips for....

Jeanne said...

{{{Evelyn}}} Hugs for friendship!!!
Love these blue mosaic photos, and the Shakspeare quilts! The more the merrier with the mosaic fabrics -- I use a VERY broad color definition when I do them,to get an interesting mix.
My internet has been down. I LOVED your email -- I'll do a real reply later today.

Patti said...

Love the picture of Little Boy and the story about "his" fabric! I love the idea of a zigzag setting. It's so striking and used so seldom by most quilters. And feathers down a zigzag are the best!

Finn said...

What fun you are having...and playing with blue squares...with a helper!
I'm guessing you are having a wonderful time being home for the summer, you sure do sound happy, and that is wonderful!! Just keep finding a few minutes to sew, promise??
Love the Shakespeare In The Park did a great job!

Mary said...

I was thinking as I read this post that you'd commented on all my blue and here you are pulling out the blues yourself. I am SO sick of blue and I need to finish the borders on the last one and put the blue away!

I like the straight set best - I think you could fill up the center with more 3 inch blue squares and it would look great.

Hanne said...

I really like the zig zag setting, and it will look very good with a feather quilting. You can do it ! :-) I have thought about a basket quilt with zig zag setting all winter, but then again, my head is always full of quilts, isn't it ? ;-) Sweet story about Little Boy and his fabric.

tami said...

I like the zig zag setting too. You are a brave girl to attempt those feathers on a sewing machine, but I bet you can do it.

It's a good thing you still had a square of little boy's fabric left. Is stashing fabric a bad thing to pass on to our children????

cher said...

either way you put these blocks together-it will be such an interesting quilt. It is so much fun when we are inspired by seeing what other online quilty friends are doing with their stash..thanks for sharing!

Samantha said...

the blues look wonderful!