Sunday, July 16, 2006


One thing I like to do is to make up Haiku's during the day. It is a little game I like to play in my head... but, I never write them down, so I guess I should make a start - meaning - slow down and write it down! I take time to stop and take photos of nature, so a Haiku to go with the photo would be nice. There are some "rules" to Haiku's but the basics are 5 sylabols, 7 sylabols and 5 sylabols - in 3 lines, and you need something to define the "season". Haiku's are usually about nature. And, you should have some sort of a pause somewhere at the end of one of the lines. Anyway, those are the rules I go by, I am sure there are more or less depending upon how far you want to go with it.

So, here is a photo of a Maine vista... I love driving along the rolling hills of the Northeast - you never know what you will see over the next hill. I've driven by this particular view several times, but I was either driving something too big to pull over or Little Boy was sleeping and one thing you never want to do - wake up a sleeping toddler during a road trip! But, on my last trip - lucky me, I was in my car, he was awake and I had my camera up front (not buried somewhere in the trunk). So, I pulled over and snapped this picture. And here are a few Haiku's to go along with...

A gray Summer's dusk

Thunderclouds are gathering

Where is the bugspray?

Beautiful vista

Oh, peace and tranquility

Summer night descends

Big tree longing for

Green mountains in the distance

Silver stream divides

Well, for some reason, Blogger is double spacing all my lines - oh well - you get the idea. Gosh, I could go on and on forever with different variations, so I will stop there. But, I will make an effort, at least once in awhile, to write a Haiku to go with some of my photos.

Come play with me! Making up Haiku's is fun!

On the sewing front - I pinned and sewed some more sections together for my Country Wife stars - next time I sit at the machine I will finish up 2 more stars. Slowly, but surely! Really not that much sewing going on... the weather is just wonderful and I love spending any and all of my "free" time outside with Little Boy! He is so full of fun, so excited about everything (and into everything for that matter), and busy, busy, busy. By the time he goes to bed I am just about tuckered out myself! Did I mention that he is a busy boy? Yesterday we had a little disagreement over whether the computer was hungry - he opened the disk drive and was trying to feed (sharing) the computer crackers - yikes! And how did he grow into this very busy boy so quickly anyway? I was just looking at some of his baby photos... he has grown so fast! I have to stop and hug him and smell him and try to remember him this way forever because tomorrow he will be different. Not to worry - I will love him to pieces tomorrow too, I just want to be sure to savour every moment along the way.

Seasons come and go

Little Boys grow into men

The pathways of life


quiltpixie said...

I'm impressed... someone payed attention in highschool enlgish class. I only vaguely remember doing poetry, but recognize the sctructure of Hiaku from work my son has done in the last few years :-)

Finn said...

That is really love Evelyn! AND I love the picture..*VBS*

Great shot of Little Boy with his train quilt..quite the handsome lad he is..*VBS*

Screen Door said...

If this isn't your BEST summer, it has to be real close. I always like how you find happiness in the little things. Can't wait to see the country wife quilt.

joyce said...

Little boys become men faster than you can believe! They are still nice grown up though so it's not all bad.

Nancy said...

Little boys don't stay that way very long at all. My youngest nephew just graduated high school and it seems like he was born just a few years ago. Hug him as much as you can now. There'll be time for sewing later.

Mary said...

Beautiful picture - nice poetry.