Friday, July 14, 2006

Quilty Projects of the Day...

Of course, the very same day I figure out how to get a No New Projects list over on my sidebar (a bit jumbled, but there) - I start a new project! But, I have a good reason and it WILL be done by tomorrow anyway, so this is just a little scenic detour in my UFO/WIP good intentions. You see, everytime I go fabric shopping, Little Boy also picks out some fabric for himself. And, this little quilt kit was his latest acquistion... except I thought it was a fat quarter bundle, not a little quilt kit (the finished quilt measures 30X36 - that center panel is 13X19 and surrounded by a series of 3.5" borders).

So, anyway, today I get around to washing and drying my purchases (backgrounds, borders and backings - all from my list... oh, and maybe a little fat quarter or two and a few 1/4 yard cuts of geometrics for my octagon flowers - but all fabric to go toward current projects. And, won't you know - Little Boy is able to sort through everything and pull out ALL the fabrics in this quilt kit. "Momma, make MY train qluilt, pleeeaasseee". I start to press the fabric for him and then realize - hey, this is not fat quarters - it is all different sizes. Off to the laundry room trash to take a 2nd look and sure enough, directions for a Cuddly Quilt (the final border is a very soft plushy dark blue and the backing is light blue and white stripped flannel). Oh, and - I find the price tag is $20 for this little bundle so I guess I better get busy and get the thing together before he outgrows it, right? He has FINE taste in fabrics, alright!

And - the photo shows exactly how far I did get on the project before he went to bed. He refused to go to bed without it, so I can't work anymore on it tonight, but tomorrow I will add the final border, sew the front to the back ( the fastest method I know - right sides together , and then turn right side out - cringe!) and stitch in the ditch around the borders. It WILL be done. No binding at least and no batting - it is hot anyway, so I don't think batting is necessary. Actually, I don't really think ANOTHER quilt for Little Boy is necessary - his bed is already piled sky high with beds, but what is a Momma to do? And, look how cute it is! AND, Little Boy loves it! How could I not drop all other projects and whip this together for my little, adoring "qluilt" fan?

And here is a photo of the Overall Sam block that my Nana made for me ages ago! I am so happy that I found it so I can include it in my sampler. The top block is a block that I made several years ago as part of a block swap. We were to swap 12 of these blocks in civil war repros and after I made my 1st test block - I decided not to join in the swap. The block was complicated to make and I was happy with my just one, so I stopped there! So, these 2 blocks are going to be added to my sampler.

This is a photo of the last quilt "kit" I cut out for my winter sewing. 20 yellows - all from stash. I bought the co-ordinating 3 fabrics over to the right to go with. I try to cut a little bit each week and am happy that this one is now the 4th "kit" that I've got ready to go now... so tempting to start sewing on them NOW, but no, no - this is for my winter sewing! Did you read that right? FOUR kits - I really am STASH BUSTING!

I know that looks like lots of sewing, but really, I only added 2 borders to a novelty panel, found 2 blocks and finished cutting a "kit" that I've been working on getting cut out in bits and pieces. In other words - not much sewing going on here! Little Boy prefers to be outside "helping" Momma with the flowers... I will have to post some photos of those projects another day.

Oh, but before I go - Thank You for all the kind offers to keep me company with my UFO/WIP Country Wife challenge. It may be a funny thing, but it really is going to help me keep going at it knowing that some of you are going to keep me company!


quiltpixie said...

4 kits together! wow.... little boy will be have lots of inspecting to do next winter :-)

Hanne said...

I will find a backing for my Ufo today, so we both get something done ;-) You have really been busy !

ForestJane said...

Ohh, if you add these two new blocks to your sampler quilt, how big is that sampler going to grow?


I've got a sampler that's grown to a king size, I think... :)

Screen Door said...

Hi!! I needed the winter reality are so right...winter is truly the quilting season. I love your stories of you child in the quilt shop. You know, he'll grow up one day, but will always remember things like train wait and see. Have fun this weekend. Melanie

Linda_J said...

Good plan since you spend half the year are so away from your fabric when you go back to Austria. We will have to stay tuned to see what you have planned for this.

I bet there was absolutely no way that "Please Mommy make my train quilt" was going to be turned down. The other stuff can wait when you see that cute little face asking you so nicely. That other stuff waited this long, what's another day or two?

Brit said...

that top block is cool. what's it called?