Monday, January 11, 2010

2 More Sampler Blocks & Gray City Days

12.5" and 5.5".  That small block was made with left over HST's from my block that I posted yesterday.  I just can't bear to trim off those triangles and throw them out - I always piece the smaller segments together - I thought this block was the perfect one for using them!  These particular triangle squares measured 1 3/4" unfinished so I just cut the matching plain squares 1 3/4".  Anyway -  2 more blocks from my scrap tote!
I spent most of my day slogging through the cold, wet city on an endless paperwork circle.  Yuck.  So, it was nice to spend part of my evening puttering around with my fabrics.  Because at least I feel like I accomplished something today since the paperwork trail - well no end in sight for the near future, sigh.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day, right?

It snowed on Saturday - a wet, sticky snow.  One thing I love about this city is that they have lots of trees and alot of them are right in the middle of the road!  Anyway - my son and I made tracks for the park to go sledding - it really doesn't snow all that much in Graz so when it does - I really like to make sure that he gets to go sledding. 

By the time we left the park - there were several snowmen dotting the landscape!  My son started back to school today after a long Christmas break and they sent a note home - wear snowsuits tomorrow and bring extra mittens for gym - they are going to make snowmen in the field.  Yup, that wet, sticky snow while not fun to slog through the streets in - is perfect for snowmen.
To make it even more interesting navigating the sidewalks - the sticks are out.  This is a well-traveled sidewalk so very well cleared - not all of them are so cleared although it is mandatory to take care of the sidewalk in front of your building.

These are short sticks - most of the sticks are much longer and go almost to the edge of the sidewalk.  Alot of them are painted red/white stripped - especially the government buildings.

This photo clearly illustrates the need for the sticks below!  They are a good reminder to keep clear of the buildings.  Most of the roofs have little fences up there to hold back the snow, but there is still that edge.
And - have you ever heard of a McDonald's Cafe?  My son and I went out for icecream on Sunday.  The 1st McD's - the machine was broken.  So -we went home and Googled to find another McD's.  Yes, we really wanted our 1 Euro sundae!  We had to take the tram out there and boy was it ever crowded!  Well no wonder - it had this huge coffee section - seperate line and style of chairs and everything.  Fancy McDonald's!  I guess people are used to good coffee over here.  If I go on a quiet afternoon I will bring my camera to take a photo of the inside -because it is worth seeing!  Also - you can't throw your trash away there.  Rubbish removal is expensive so the employees sort everything out into the correct recycling bins.  I always find these cultural differences interesting!


KatieQ said...

I love the block on your design wall. I am incredibly impressed by the fact that you have completed 3 "Shakespeare in the Park" quilts, I'm a bit intimidated by the piecing, so I have been putting mine off.
Thanks for the picture of the "upscale" McDonald's. I would love to try that very chocolate looking brownie.

keryn said...

We have lots of McCafes over here in Australia, I love them when we travel by car. I can plan my way through the city by the McCafes. Much better coffee than the normal stuff. And the brownies are great.

Nice way to use your leftover triangles...

Mary said...

It looks just like it does here -- only instead of sticks they put a falling snow sign -- I watched the other day when two big pieces fell not so far from a couple on the sidewalk -- it would have scared me to death if it had been me.

Our snow tends to be very dry and not good for snowmen or snowball fights unless we get a late spring snow.

Shasta said...

Thank you for the little tour. I love finding out about different countries. Hadn't thought of sticks to keep people from the building, likely I would have walked under them! The McCafe looks great; haven't seen one around here, except that I think they offer the stuff in the regular McDonalds. don't know for sure - it's been a while since I've been in one.