Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday Quilt Blocks

In that tote of scraps I am trying to empty out - long pieces of red plaid left-over from a border.  Lots of odds and ends of various cream prints.  And some fall colors.  I think I have enough to eck out a sampler quilt using the red plaid in all the blocks and  I probably will even have enough of that red for a narrow inner border.  All the other fabrics will vary depending what I have.
With that in mind, I've joined Friday Block Party .  It is a bit of a challenge because so far the directions call for strips and then sub-cutting into segments.  Most of my scraps are not big enough for the strip part so I have to take a 2nd look to figure out the individual segment directions.  But so far, I am pleased!  That 2nd block was supposed to be 9", but another quilter posted cutting directions for 12" which I thought would work better for me.  Samplers can be a bit fiddly, but I like samplers so think the extra effort is worth it.
Here is a look at my cutting/ironing center - which is smack dab in the kitchen. 

The bread slicer lives on that counter so I just work around it.  I really wipe down the counter good before I take out my fabrics!  When I am done ironing - the iron just folds back into the cabinet and the iron goes underneath.  I am lucky to have a big fridge, freezer, fridge and bottom drawer cool storage.  Probably considered small in the USA, but over here in Austria  - it is huge!  Then I have my sink area.  Kitchen sinks over here are tiny, for some reason - so there is my tiny sink.  That counter has the electric tea pot and espresso maker.  Under there is my invisible dishwasher.  The other side is the stove top, wall oven and micowave, plus a tower cabinet.  I love my kitchen!  My last aparment had a tiny kitchen - a 2 burner stove, counter top oven, tiny fridge - really a very small kitchen!  I wouldn't remember all the details about my last kitchen except I was looking at photos of it the other day and laughing about it.  I will have to post photos someday.  So, really - this kitchen is ideal! 
I don't mind having to put my things away for cooking time.  It helps keep me organized and efficient - I only take out what I am going to work on!  Same goes for my son - he does all his drawing and homework on the table which you can see in the front of the photo.  I like being right in the center of my home for sewing - I really think my DH was so clever when he put that ironing center in for me.  When I have to iron something really big, I do have a full sized ironing board in the closet, but the little one is really so handy!

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Mary-Kay said...

I love your invisible dishwasher. What brand is it? In a small area you sure have to keep it tidy. I think this would encourage you to not have different projects going on at the same time.