Monday, January 04, 2010

Starting a small project, finishing a big one!

I finished this little cross stitch yesterday.  There is one small error, but probably no-one is going to notice, so I'll call this part finished.  This is going to be the center of a small decorative pillow.  I am planning on doing some strips of fabric and lace and maybe a row of buttons - got to find a small pillow first before I know exactly how big the pillow (really a pillow case so it can be removed to be washed) will be.
I've decided that I would like to do more small projects through-out the year for seasonal decorations.  Just little bittys that I can pick up here and there and work on.  I would like to make some cross-sttich Christmas tree decorations, knit some Easter Egg ornaments, make some banners to go on our plain door - that type of thing.  Oh - and I think it would be fun to cross-stitch some sachets - I found the orange stuck full of cloves in my son's sock drawer yesterday - he said it was to make his drawer smell nice!  Oh that boy!
Quilt wise I have a big Ocean Waves quilt that is almost complete - except I lost some of the final triangles needed.  How can I lose triangles?  But, I did.  I have the matching fabric here to cut out more triangles, so that is the big quilt project I am working on right now.  Maybe sometime this week I will get those triangels cut out, sewn on and get the rows sewn together.

OK - here is the photo of what it looked like yesterday.  The triangles I am missing are the final triangles that go around some of the white pieces.  Not a complete triangle set because you can see I have the little squares in the bottom corner - just the triangles that go on either side.  So - really a very small piece of the quilt to be lost which is preventing me from finishing this project up (for years, might I add - I keep moving this from country to country and I always seem to leave 1 piece or another somewhere - so finally I have all the blocks, the border and the extra fabric all in one place - time to get this project into a completed top stage!  Every fabric except the white is plaid - very stretchy!  What was I thinking?  But I like it.


Tamera said...

Good Grief! Don't you just HATE it when you lose part of a quilt. I'll do you one better...I lost a WHOLE quilt (that was in large sections just about to be sewn together).

Hope everything goes together okay.

Laura said...

Really cute cross-stitch piece! Very colorful and I don't see any errors anywhere.

I like the quilt too. You are very brave to make that pattern with the plaids, for the reason you stated.