Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Things From This Week

Scrap bin project:  Using a long-skinny piece of red plaid from a border - so far I have made these blocks.  That tiny block is going to become a pin-cushion.  I am really proud of myself because I used a fabric that I considered very ugly for the star block below - and as I thought - it blends in with the rest of the blocks even though it is a bit darker than the other background fabrics and a much bigger print.  The block itself was fiddly and had way too many pieces for such a simple block - there are easier ways to go about making this block.  But it is done - and looks pretty nice in my block collection.

Don't be afraid to use your "ugly" fabrics!  And the block used up a fair bit of that fabric, phew. I bought this piece of fabric over the internet and it just wasn't what I thought.  But I am starting to use it (1 yard cut, sigh), so progress.  I will work it in with another few blocks for this collection and when the blocks are turned into a quilt and all quilted up pretty - I won't even believe I ever thought the fabric was ugly in the first place!  Go ahead - you can do it too - use your uglies!
Cooking:  I made this very simple lentil soup yesterday and my husband loved it.  Easy!  1 can of lentils, 1 can stewed tomatoes, 1 sauteed onion (at the end of sauting add 2 tsp curry, 1 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp salt), 2 carrots, finely chopped and cooked, 1/2 box of chopped spinach and a little more than 1/2 liter of water with vegetable bouillon in it.  So very good!  Oh - and I added the left-over ziti in the fridge - when I make any kind of pasta I always make an extra 2 portions for another meal.  Yes, I use seperate pans for sauteeing the onions and cooking the carrots while everything else is warming up in the stew pot, but I find it quicker that way.  Just my weird way of cooking - but if I start the carrots 1st and then the onions - while those 2 things are going I can start the rest of the soup and it all gets done at the same time.  Parm. cheese on top when served.

Thread:  I have new thread!  Lots of it!!!  Yes, it is 100% polyester, but I don't really care.  I use 100% poly all the time for piecing - just can't set my press all the way hot because it might melt the thread (hasn't happened yet though).  I am happy with my new thread - it should last me awhile.  It was on sale 1 day only at the grocery store for 4 Euros.  Usually I pay 3 Euros for 1 spool of 1000 meters, so this was a really good price.  So - off I went on that day to the grocery store (via walking and tram) with my trusty back-pack - got a few groceries and 1 pack of thread.  I came home and DH asked why I didn't get 2 packs.  I think 1 pack will last me just fine and by the  time I use this thread up - it probably will be on sale again.  So, I got 1 pack.  I was down to 1/2 a spool of thread in gray and maybe 1/4 a spool in white so the timing was perfect!  And - I am very lucky to have a nice, old sewing machine that is not one bit picky about what kind of thread I use.  Yeah!  There are advantages to having an old machine - some of those newer machines are very finiky about what thread you use.

Photos from today:  My son with one of his very favorite playmates!  I love how this photo turned out because that black dog is very hard to photograph!

The days and weeks just seem to be flying by!  I have a running list of things that I want to blog about, but time's up for tonight - bedtime kisses time and all - so it will have to keep.  Thanks for visiting and all your nice comments!  Until I sign on again...


Stephanie D. said...

I've always heard it said "No fabric is ugly if you cut it small enough." And, "If it's still ugly, cut it some more." lol

I've had to cut some mighty small pieces in the past.

Hanne said...

I love your scrap blocks and your kaleidoscope blocks :-)

I was given an old Elna press recently, after an old lady, but it turned out it was broken. It did not heat up to more than the lowest heath.

Lori in South Dakota said...

you've done a lot with the fabric you didn't like. Good for you! It looks very nice!