Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The PJ crises

Here is a little photo collage of 7 different pairs of PJ's I've made through the years for my son - I am sure I have more photos, but on a different computer.  Look - there is even a photo from when he still slept in a sleep sack bag (which I also made).   I've always used the same pattern - Simplicity 8493, just tracing out a bigger size each time he grew.  I even made the robe 2X.  PJ pattern  I have to say - in the smaller sizes the pants needed to be trimmed down so they would hit his waist instead of armpit but that wasn't an issue with the larger sizes so I am not sure if it was something that I did wrong while sewing with a toddler underfoot or if it was just the pattern.  He loves, loves, loves his PJ's - always so fun to go to the store and pick out new novelty flannel for the next pair.  I made some pairs from Joanne's flannel and after about a month the shoulder and crotch seams shredded.  Shredded I tell you!  So, I spend not that much more and buy a good quality flannel that is going to hold up to almost daily wear.  Generally he has 2-3 pairs at a time that fit and 1 pair that is slightly too short (I like to have a back-up in case he is sick, you know?)
But we have an issue with the PJ's right now.  First off - I JUST made him his "pirate" PJ's this winter (bottom middle photo).  Actually, I started them in Canada so I could do all the main seams on my serger.  While I was on Cape Cod I bought the buttons and elastic.  And then brought the project over here to Austria to finish.  International sewing - you have to be organized!  He really likes the extra soft elastic that I bought.  But he has grown and needs new PJ's - ASAP as could be.  Except 1 problem, well 2 really.  First off, novelty flannel is not to be had in Austria that I can find.  So I figure - OK, I will order it off the internet, have it shipped to my sister and will pick it up at her house in a few weeks when I am there.  I don't have my pattern here so I look it up on-line and, and, and.... it only goes up to size 6.  And with his long legs -surely he has to be in a size 7 now.  Gasp!  What?  No, don't tell me!  Surely Simplicity has a 2nd envelope with the next group of sizes up?  Nope.  Since it is just one size I can easily just add the length to the legs/arms and be good for the next few pairs, but any bigger than that and I will have to start redrafting.  For the pants - I will just wait until Simplicity has a $1 sale and get PJ pants pattern that is his size because sooner or later you can't just keep adding length to the legs - the entire crotch curve needs to change!
The closest pattern is Simplicity 2823.  #2823 It still has the same style shirt with plenty of ease across the front created by the deep placket (I think that is the right word) created when you fold the fabric to add the buttons.  Except it has a V-neck instead of the rounded neck.  Who wants V-neck when it is cold out?  The kid hardly keeps a blanket on so a V-neck is out.  I guess I could just redraft the neck part to match what he has always liked.  But here is the 2nd issue - it isn't cold in Austria right now!  Really!  We turned the heat OFF in March and all this past week it has been in the low 30's - expected to hit 34 on Saturday (that is just over 100F).  So, I need to make him a few pairs out of seersucker!  Who knew?  It is still 10C (50F) in the mornings in Canada.  He is used to cold weather.  Then again - flannel is a good thing because when we do get back to Canada - I just know that he is going to freeze!
And with the warmer weather - he is complaining about his t-shirts.  Complaining, I tell you.  He says they are hot.  Yes, they are hot - I tell him they are made out of jersey and jersey is hot.  Shoot, anything is hot when you are walking down the street and you know it is over 100 degrees out!  We cross the street to walk on the shady side.  So I tell him "You need to wear a nice cotton shirting fabric, seersucker or linen to have a cooler shirt".  So he wants some.  And he wants me to make them.  He has such complete faith in me.  So, I have to find a new "favorite" pattern for a simple shirt.  Any recommendations?  Why is it that the stores only have t-shirts for boys anyway?  It is too hot for t-shirts! 
So that is part of my summer sewing mission - solving this PJ pattern issue, finding a shirt pattern that is acceptable, plus getting started on all his winter pants.  I just love sewing for my son because right now - he loves everything I make for him.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

oh dear--I hate the hot weather, but then--I hate the truly COLD weather even more! You don't shovel hot! Kids, they seem to think their mother can make ANYTHING (I had to make a full swirly dress to fit my daughter the skinny toothpick once!)