Monday, June 28, 2010

Slow Shakespear Progress

June 1 seems like such a very long time ago... that is when I posted that I was going to once again make a favorite quilt pattern of mine; Shakespear in the Park, by Judy Martin.  So, how is it going?
Well, I decided I needed more colors than my original selection.  I've always made this pattern in just 2 colors, but I think I am going to like this multi-colored version too.  Then I decided I better just use 1 background fabric to help tie it all together.  Good thinking - because it is much faster to cut just 1 fabric instead of 100s of different fabrics.  So, I cut out all the background fabric pieces.  And then... well, I was a bit stuck so I had to trace/color my plan.

The first plan I really colored in, but I changed my mind about some of the color placement so made a 2nd plan but much rougher.  Anyway - here are the 2 plans side by side.  Handy to have something to refer to when making those Snail's Trails.
And that is as far as I've gotten and now I won't touch it for several months.  My son and I are on our traveling rounds now - we left Austria, have been to Cape Cod and now are in Canada.  We couldn't leave until he had his all-important 7th birthday party and sadly, he was very ill on that day - spent it in the hospital.  But he recovered and had his party and 2 days later - off we went.  Yes, I took him out of school a little early, but school goes all the way until July 9th over there - doesn't seem right to still be in school the beginning of July. 
Shakespear will have to wait a few months.  So - if you are thinking of making a Shakespear - you have time to catch up with me!  Actually, I brought the pattern with me - you all know I still want to make it in pinks & browns, right?


Lori in South Dakota said...

I like blues and greens. So are you working in Canada again??

Jeanne said...

Your multi-colored Shakespeare is going to be wonderful! Have a lovely summer -- travel safely!

Shasta said...

Your blocks are lovely - wonderful colors. It is going to make a great quilt.