Thursday, November 18, 2010

An October Project

October was supposed to be a restful month for me and coming off a long, busy summer I was looking forward to it.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans!  First off, the end of Sept. some house guests clogged the toilet and then left it running (and left the house - city people?).  By the time it was discovered - the upstairs and downstairs flooring had to be replaced, the bathroom vanity and the ceiling.  This involved 3 trips to the hardware store, which is 3 hours away (6 hours round trip).  I had to unload 40 boxes of hardwood flooring by myself - now that was an accomplishment!  My house was a construction zone for the month.  Besides the fact that you never totally make out with insurance companies, so I was upset about the additional unbudgeted expense, sigh.  
The living room is long and skinny and after many different furniture arrangements, we have it divided up into a reading/knitting/visiting corner with the TV & TV couch on the other side.  This photo was taken shortly after the flooring was replaced and I haven't been able to clutter up my corner yet!  On the other side of the long couch is the dining room table and that leads into the kitchen.  I have had these futon couches for about 15 years now - love them, especially the little sofa one - it has a matching foot rest that you can use to make a bed if needed, but we use the foot rest with the bigger couch.  The little one is much more comfortable than the big one for sitting on and my son loves the big one for sprawling all over - the perfect pair.  Easy to take the covers off and wash too!
Well, at least my house will look neat and tidy when I return in the Spring.  Because... once again I am on the road - actually I left Canada before the end of October so it was a big rush to get my house put back together so I could be out the door by my deadline.  And the whole time that construction was going on, I was trying to finalize my financial figures for the quarter, pack my office, pack my stuff and close down the business.  
It was the first time I have ever made this road trip without my son.  It went really fast - I didn't have to stop at every rest area, I could play the radio on whatever station I wanted and I could even blast the A/C when I got tired.  But I still missed him alot.  In a few days we will have been apart for 3 months and I still don't know when I will be going to Austria.  Thank goodness for Skype to help keep us all connected!


Mama Koch said...

I can't belive you've been apart from "your little shadow" for three months!
The remodel/fix looks good. Sad about the damage to have to do it tho.
Have a good off-season.

Lori said...

that's a long time without snuggles!

Shirley said...

Oh my gosh. 3 months I can't believe it. You sure are one tough cookie. Best of wish's and hoping that you will have your arms full and lots of kiss's soon. Shirley

Brenda said...

It would be hard being away from you family. I am glad that you have a way to stay connected - that is a great thing.
I have had the toilet running and damage done to my house too - NOT FUN!! And no, insurance really is not all they say it is, but you have done a wounderful job of the repairs. Maybe in January, you can 'take a break'!!

Mary said...

I love your reading/knitting nook! I miss having a space tucked away for quiet activities.

I'm still knitting away on my socks too. I'm hoping to finish up the two pair I have in progress on this trip since we'll be gone for 12 days and there will be no quilting.

3 months is a long time to be away from your son, will you be reunited soon?