Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Lonely Sock

Ta-Da!  One sock!  The 2nd one should go much faster because for this one I had to make lots of changes along the way compared to my friends written instructions (which she wrote out by looking at another sock - she just knits with no pattern).  I've written down all my notes.  And then after I knit the 2nd sock for this one, I am going to knit another pair using these directions, with more changes!  I guess that is how one goes about getting a perfect sock pattern for themselves.
This sock is a bit wide for me, but seeing that it is done - I won't be changing it.  But the next pair - well, I think it will have to be a good 10 stitches narrower through the foot.  See the 2 side-by-side?  You can see that mine is a bit wide but not overly so.
I have to learn how my friend makes such a perfect rounded toe - even though I grafted my stitches I still have the slightly squared look.  I did some internet searching and came up with the suggestion to slip the outside stitches over each other with a crochet hook before grafting and that will help get roundness.  Any other tips?  But really, look at her perfect toes.  And the decrease stitches fall centered where mine seem to be at the top of the foot.  Hummm.
And look how that sock looks on my feet!  Oh so comfy!  I think part of why I love the red sock so much is the Kroy yarn, but I have to say - I am wearing my blue sock right now and the Regia yarn I used, although thin is very warm!  Warmer than the Kroy (red sock) which is on my other foot.  Any other favorite sock yarns out there?
And how are the rest of you doing with Judy's knit-along? 


JudyL said...

So how does she get her decreases so smooth? Mine, like yours, tend to want to stay on top of the sock. Your sock looks so warm and comfy.

paula, the quilter said...

I was doing the current pair 2@a time on 2 circs, but when it came time to do the decreases I pulled them off and did them individually. Why? Because when my decreases are at the end of a needle I wind up with a string of eyelets on the gussets. I've tried everything to fix it and the only thing that has worked for me is to put the decreases in the middle of a needle, so I use Cat Bordhi's method. My sock toes are fairly rounded. I decrease until I have a total of 12 stitches to graft off: 6 on each needle. It gives a more rounded toe. I am really liking the Trekking XXL that I'm using right now, but I'm fickle and will like the next yarn equally well.