Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simplicity 2471 - Sew some sweet baby booties!

Are these not adorable?  Last week Simplicity patterns were $1.99 at Jo-anne's Fabrics so I picked up this pattern.  My niece-in-law is having a baby and I think that a pair of booties with matching flannel receiving blankets will be a great gift.  The blue pair has solid blue soles, the pink pair has solid green soles.  Soooo cute!  
I have to say - I did go ahead and buy the 1/4 yard cuts for these (as stated in the instructions) but you can make MANY pairs with that.  You do need the 1/4 yard for the width, but say you want to make several pairs - you do not need to buy 1/4 yard for each pair!  I did because I wanted to make both pink and blue.  Now that the booties are done, I have to go back to the store to get 1 yard cuts of matching flannel for the receiving blankets.  I don't know about other Moms, but let me tell you, I loved the little flannel blankets when my son was a baby.
I am over the moon happy with these!  What a perfect new baby gift!  Even though I am a fairly experienced sewer, the instructions on these had me stumped.  Lucky me - I had my expert sister standing over my shoulder explaining it all.  Because honestly, I would have been lost without her help.  But now that I've done it on these pairs, I know following pairs will be much easier.  
Not an "instant" gift, that is for sure.  We try to get together on Wednesday nights for "craft night".  Last week I did a little bit on one project, a little bit on another... and cut out the pattern pieces for the booties.  Then on Sunday I was at another sister's and while she read me the newspaper I cut out the fabric.  I just LOVE that - having someone read me the paper while I work on a project!  And we visited.  AND, she made me home-made waffles.  Yum.  Tuesday night my sister invited me over to visit/sew for a bit, so I brought my machine over and started some of the 1st steps.  And then last night brought us back to Wednesday again and I finished them!  I am so happy with them!

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Amy said...

very cute booties, another nice gift is burp cloths. what do you do when making receiving blankets?

Mama Koch said...

These are adorable! My new grandson has the biggest feet, so these would work perfect instead of socks.

How is Little Boy doing? Haven't seen a picture lately.