Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Geek Girl Day

This past weekend I was the lucky recipient of a scholarship to Geek Girl Cape Cod - their website is here.
On arrival I was given a schedule that was jammed packed with different classes I could just walk into the classroom, sit down and learn!  The only problem with the schedule is that there were several different classes I was so interested in - all at the same time! Good news though - some of the classes repeated later in the day.  But sometimes the repeat was during a different class I wanted to take.  Oh, the decisions!  I had to be decisive and once I made up my mind what class to be in - I paid attention to that instructor.  I gave it my all.  And I did not wonder what was going on in the other class, was it better, would I learn more over there.  By doing this, I was able to really enjoy my day.
A great area to check out - was the "help desk" center.  Ummm - see that photo in my header?  That would be the "help desk".  Just one aisle - there were more.  Each area had signs up telling you what the helpful persons area of expertise was - Blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Constant Contact, PC Troubles - just to name a few.  Loved it! I was able to talk with a person about setting up a Facebook Page for my business.  There were some issues I was confused about - because a business page is different than a personal account.  Questions answered and I now have a business Facebook Page.  Many, many people were volunteers, all working to make a technology difference in our lives!
Then I wandered over to the Constant Contact table and learned so much.  Really!  This is todays way of marketing (keeping in touch and maintaining relationships with your customer base) and if you have a business, this is all stuff that is good to know.  And if you are "old" in this super hip cyber age (like me - I am 40 and feel ancient), these  classes and help desks are invaluable to get you updated!  My sister sent her very first Constant Contact e-mail out yesterday for her business and got immediate results!  So now I am busy compiling my database for Constant Contact.

Lunch was provided!  So nice not to have go out and find lunch when you were hungry - just wander over to the eating area!  An assortment of sandwiches, popchips (haven't tried them - 20 chips/120 calories/4 grams of fat - a healthy alternative to regular chips), bottled water and mini cupcakes.  Perfect!  
So, it has been a busy week for me here - working away on things I learned.  Trying to apply this technology while it is all fresh in my mind and building on it - stepping stones.  
Don't fight technology.  My Nana used to always say "Change is Progress" - and she died before we were even faxing.  This is a lady who drove her 2 kids to the World's Fair in 1939 in her Model T Ford from Massachusetts to New York.  My Dad is still talking about that trip and about all the wonderful new "technology" that was unveiled there!  All this technology is common place (like color photography and air conditioning) or very outdated at this point in time.  But that generation learned it and gave it to us.  And we built on it.  Stepping stones.


dot said...

Sounds like a great day. Are you going to share your FB business page?

Lindah said...

Great! Sounds like a good day. Thanks for the update.