Monday, March 21, 2011

A Geek Girl Ticket!

Geek Girl was on Cape Cod this weekend and you can see their website here.
I really wanted to go!  I mean really, did you look at the schedule of all the 1 hour courses you could take?  E-mail Marketing, Blogging, Photo Editing, Website Design, Twitter, Facebook - and that is just for starters.  The tip of the iceburg!  But, alas, I did not have the funds to go.  I just knew I could benefit so much from attending, but a budget is a budget and right now I am on a strict budget.  But, did I mention how much I really wanted to go???  So, I called them and asked if maybe they had some scholarship money available.  Well, yes they did.  I was given the link for the scholarship application, filled out all my information, hit SEND, and kept my fingers crossed that I would be one of the lucky recipients.  And I was!!!
I will be blogging this week about my Geek Girl Boot Camp experience, so stay tuned!  I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to attend!!!  Thank you Geek Girl and Sponsors!


dot said...

Never have heard of this, but I am so excited for you and for us. We get to learn what it about and what you have learned. Can't wait.

Lindah said...

Fantastic! It sounds like a great opportunity. I am so glad it worked out for you to go.

Finn said...

I've not heard of it either, but the courses sound wonderful! And hurray for you for creative thinking and getting a scholarship! Hugs, Finn