Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brown Socks Done!

So - you guys have been reading about these socks since I caste them on in November.  Happy to report that they are done!  The pattern is based on Gravel Grid - but I used my own "sock recipe".  I cast on using size US1 needles and then switched to US0 needles for the pattern -talk about taking FOREVER!  But done, yes!
I am happy with them. Despite the photo - those cuffs are the exact same length!  And since I don't have a "stash" of sock yarn, I had to go to the store today to buy some more...

You can get it packaged like this in Austria - you get 4 balls of yarn and a set of 5 needles (they must be size 2.5mm (US 1 1/2).  I don't know if that is really a size - it is not on my Susan Bats needle measure, but I can tell you that they are in-between sizes.  It cost 6.49 Euros so a very good deal!  
Other knitting goodies...
These are 80 cm cable needles - 2 pairs to a package.  Sizes in mm are 2.5, 3.5 then 3 &4 then 5 & 6 and finally 7&8.  Plus cable holders (again 2 to a package) in sizes 3 &4 and 5 &6.  They were 1.99 Euros each package, so 1 Euro a pair of needles!  From the GROCERY STORE, LOL!  I am taking my brown sweater off those straight needles and switching over to the cable needles tomorrow and I am sure that it will make it ever so much easier on my wrists.  I am so very pleased because I don't really have many long cable needles and the full sets or interchangeable sets have always been a bit steep for my budget.  So, now I am all set at a bargain price too.
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{Geo}Holly said...

And what a beauty they are! I always love seeing what you are knitting. I hope mine will look that excellently done some day.