Saturday, January 04, 2014

Window Shopping Photos

Prices are in Euros.  Thought my knitty readers would enjoy these photos.  When I first started to come to Graz I was so amazed at the prices and was always stopping to take photos.  Now, not so much.  This year I paid $100 for a 2nd suitcase and loaded it up with clothes for my ever-growing son and Christmas gifts.  I often pass this shop window and keep thinking that I really need to take some photos, but I don't want to do it when the store is open - but the other night I was walking by and it was closed, so I took some photos... much to the amusement of some other people who were seriously contemplating what was in the window.

Sorry for the flash glare!  The hat below is made of cloth - I thought it was leather but my son peered at it very closely, saw the grain lines and declared that it was fabric.
And this sweater - although it is 100% cashmere still cost more than my first car.  

That is why it is called WINDOW shopping folks!
This just PROVES that the beret my sister crocheted for me has to be the height of fashion.  I actually have a photo on this blog of me wearing it in Graz back in 2006 (go ahead - take a look here, wow my son sure has grown!  Anyway - I thought I had lost my beret this week and was upset because... well here it is 2014 and it is STILL my daily winter hat.  LOVE IT!  Thankfully I did find it but I am going to pester her to write the pattern down for me should it ever really become lost and need to be replaced.

A bit of Graz history for you all.  It is a pretty city, bordered by mountains.  Our weather this winter has been mild - as you can see, we have rain instead of snow.  It isn't very often that we stay in though - we tromp all over this city, umbrellas in hand.  


straythreads said...

lovely post enjoyed the window shopping and the photo of the roofs.

Lori said...

Love the view over the rooftops Evelyn.