Friday, January 03, 2014

On the Needles Friday - More Baby Monsters!

I waited too late today to try to get a good photo of these
"baby monsters" because the light wasn't the greatest.  Lego landscape behind them for scale!
 I make them in spare moments and my son glues the eyes/teeth on and often will embroider the mouth.
This is the collection of completed ones we had this afternoon (plus some unfinished ones in the knitting basket).  He gave another one away today.  Anytime we go visit or someone comes to visit us, my son loves to let them pick one out.  And often there are brothers/sisters so more than one will leave the nest at once.

This is one of those things that I almost always seem to be working on in the background and never seem to blog about.  I am trying to be better about that - even if I don't "love" my photos.  I guess I am not a "designer" blog, but here I am, I am me!
I blogged about my first "baby monster" in November in this blog post and included the pattern link there.  I just keep making them and my son gives them away.  Little kids seem to love them - they are the perfect size for little hands to hold.  However, I should add - I have been asked to stop making them with a larger crochet hook because you can (gasp!) see the stuffing through the stitches.  My son's favorite monster is made using a tiny hook - figures!
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Maggie said...

Those are adorable!

withajoyfulheart said...

These are really very sweet. Great that your son is involved, what fun for the two of you!